Friday, 30 June 2017

🎧The Food Song -Songwriting 🎧

IALT: record a song written by the songwriting group itself.

So finally after planning and being the process of completing writing our own original content to suit and match the karaoke version of Bruno Mars song That's What I Like, it's finally been completed. Through to the planning, to the writing, discussing, and now recording. The song was created by our group..
  • Ana
  • Akanesi
  • Rosemary
  • Akih
  • Joshua
  • Paris
And also myself. But the performers and recorder of the song were your own 2 vocalists Ana and myself. We had heaps of fun in the last block, and in the middle block! We've finally been to feel the feeling of completing a hard weeks of work! Our song was based on healthy eating but I won't spoil anymore so sit back, listen, and enjoy the sound we will bring to your ears.

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If I had to be honest and talk about my likes overall it would have to the recording part! Because as I was singing it for myself I didn't only perform the lyrics and sing the parts given but I was able to understand and feel the message we are trying to send the listener, viewers, or watchers of this video!

Though in working with this song I had my own personal dislikes. Well only one which was at times it was hard to collaborate and give in idea's when sometimes I was off topic and day dreaming in Lala Land. So I hope to achieve more in the future in this dislike, by maybe paying attention more and listening to what has to be said.

I have enjoyed working with these group of people on this song and I look forward to future groups similar to this.

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Many Thanks!


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