Friday, 30 June 2017

🍏Why do we eat Vegetables - Tuakana Teina 🍏

IALT: create a pamphlet using digital technology with my buddy Prophecy.

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For the first blog we had to digitally create a Pamphlet online! With our buddies designing their plan on paper, we then had to do the digital and technology part of the learning. I want to try something new with my buddy so... to teach him about digital technology in the future I getting him ready with using my chromebook! Here is Prophecy...

Today i learnt how to name vegetables and  fruits. i made a pamphlet using google drawing.

Prophecy and I learnt a lot from each other. For example I learnt he can understand to use some of the digital apps online, and he learnt all the fruits, and vegetables I could name.

Something I found challenging was understanding and having patience for the young ones. But then as I was able to understand their view of things I was able to find patience in myself.

In my overall experince I believe the one true highlight in this task was having the ability to collabritively talk and understand one another's view. Not only were we learn, creating and sharing as I am now but we were showing the school value of Ako at the same time.

Here is the pamphlet Prophecy and I created!

What is your opinion? Do you have any thoughts on how I can improve more in my these areas in my learning? If you do..... (Keep reading 😁)

Please say hello and leave some comments down below in the comment section as you may be familiar with! Anyways....

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