Friday, 30 June 2017

🎧The Food Song -Songwriting 🎧

IALT: record a song written by the songwriting group itself.

So finally after planning and being the process of completing writing our own original content to suit and match the karaoke version of Bruno Mars song That's What I Like, it's finally been completed. Through to the planning, to the writing, discussing, and now recording. The song was created by our group..
  • Ana
  • Akanesi
  • Rosemary
  • Akih
  • Joshua
  • Paris
And also myself. But the performers and recorder of the song were your own 2 vocalists Ana and myself. We had heaps of fun in the last block, and in the middle block! We've finally been to feel the feeling of completing a hard weeks of work! Our song was based on healthy eating but I won't spoil anymore so sit back, listen, and enjoy the sound we will bring to your ears.

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If I had to be honest and talk about my likes overall it would have to the recording part! Because as I was singing it for myself I didn't only perform the lyrics and sing the parts given but I was able to understand and feel the message we are trying to send the listener, viewers, or watchers of this video!

Though in working with this song I had my own personal dislikes. Well only one which was at times it was hard to collaborate and give in idea's when sometimes I was off topic and day dreaming in Lala Land. So I hope to achieve more in the future in this dislike, by maybe paying attention more and listening to what has to be said.

I have enjoyed working with these group of people on this song and I look forward to future groups similar to this.

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🍏Why do we eat Vegetables - Tuakana Teina 🍏

IALT: create a pamphlet using digital technology with my buddy Prophecy.

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For the first blog we had to digitally create a Pamphlet online! With our buddies designing their plan on paper, we then had to do the digital and technology part of the learning. I want to try something new with my buddy so... to teach him about digital technology in the future I getting him ready with using my chromebook! Here is Prophecy...

Today i learnt how to name vegetables and  fruits. i made a pamphlet using google drawing.

Prophecy and I learnt a lot from each other. For example I learnt he can understand to use some of the digital apps online, and he learnt all the fruits, and vegetables I could name.

Something I found challenging was understanding and having patience for the young ones. But then as I was able to understand their view of things I was able to find patience in myself.

In my overall experince I believe the one true highlight in this task was having the ability to collabritively talk and understand one another's view. Not only were we learn, creating and sharing as I am now but we were showing the school value of Ako at the same time.

Here is the pamphlet Prophecy and I created!

What is your opinion? Do you have any thoughts on how I can improve more in my these areas in my learning? If you do..... (Keep reading 😁)

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Thursday, 29 June 2017

🚴‍♀️Fitness Reflection 🚴‍♀️

IALT: find a pace where I can confidently keep moving.

The teachers for Fitness Miss Kyla, Kelly, and Ms Kalenjuk, the activities Reverse Lunges, Star Jumps, Shuttle Runs, Squats and Step Ups. Ms Kalenjuk may sound unfamiliar to those who keep up with my blog posts, maybe because she is our reliever for today! As Miss Komor  is on release today, Ms Kalenjuk will be taking room 9 today! She held Miss Komor station, but sadly when we got to her station we weren't able to successfully accomplish the activity! The reason for that was because for the whole 1 minute we should have been actively moving Ms Kalenjuk was too busy in demonstrating the exercise, she lost track of the time limit given! But in the Squats and Step Up station with Miss Kyla, it was calm! I was able to keep moving in the time frame given, and I was also able to do that while doing the shuttle runs!

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In this lesson something I would like to improve on is having a growth mindset. By this I mean not giving others the opportunity to set the example for me but me setting it for them. Though I am not confident in sport, or anything related in sport as a leader my priority is to set a positive example for the young ones.

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An activity that had challenged was the bike track run. When Ana, and myself came out they had already started and we were the last ones to start but luckily we raced up in front many people, making a speedy recovery. But still, next time I would like to start as a class and finish and as class, rather than starting as an individual and ending as a group, class, tribal, squad or a team!

Image result for step ups

What is your opinion on this reflection, or on our fitness session today?

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Wednesday, 28 June 2017


IALT: add more of my knowledge in the positive and negative effects that social media can have on people, and myself.

Remember the one website who answered all our questions, or found everything we were looking for? Well it now has been fined with 3.7 Billion New Zealand dollars! There fine came from the Europe Union. After investigating, for 7 seven years going beyond that time frame they were able to identify that Google, has been abusing its so called monopoly over internet searches. Luckily, Google has been provided with the oppurtunity of not breaking the rules for 90 days, or they will have no choice but facing further fines in the future. So the big question you all must be asking yourself is... What has Google done illegal under EU antitrust rules. Well, believe it or not but it states in the article itself that it had denied other companies  from having the chance to compete merits and to innovate, which was said by the EU Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager. Also another interesting piece of information I found in the article was that the fine has been twice as much as the previous largest fine, which was handed down to Intel in the year of 2009.

Image result for google,

My personal thoughts on Google, is that because of this maybe it will lose users! For example maybe people will move on from Google onto new social media webiste as in...
And many more helpful online, social media websites! This hasn't affected me in using Google at all! In order to make me stop using this website something much bigger needs to strike! Not that I am hoping for that but this article should only affect the people living in the country who fined Google, in my perspective.

Image result for google, yahoo, bing, ask

A challenges I would like to ask advice on is finding the definitions of some words I was unfamiliar with! For example Monopoly, it talked about how Google abused its Monopoly, well firstly what does that mean? Because instead of me using Google I would like to hear the opinion of my audience, blog viewers, and also blog readers.

Reading the original content is provided for you here also.. (Click Here)

What are your thoughts on this article?

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🏰Disneyland's 2,000 Day Visit 🏰

IALT: describe a man who visited disneyland 2,000 days in a row!

A man has visited Disney’s Californian theme park located in California 2000 days in a row! Disneyland is used in adoring fans but Jeff Reitz has taken his fan status to a whole new, different, and unbelievable level. It states in the article that he had marked the milestone on Thursday, using his Disneyland Resort annual pass which had enabled his trek to the park on a daily basis since the 1st of January, 2012. “When authorities asked what he likes about the park, he said he likes all the shows and all the attractions but something that was also mentioned was that he really likes to listen to the music in the park,” said John McClintock, a spokesman for the theme park.
Going and attending the same show every day for the past 2,000 days or in other words for years and years! Going up to 5 years, I don't call this a fan of this I call this an obsession, a very weird one, no offence.
Image result for disneyland
My next steps are doing more investigation on this article. By finding new information, I gain more knowledge! As I once heard a saying, The more that you read the more you learn!
Something I liked about this article was he reached a huge milestone, just in a weird occasion. I wish I could say that I would want to accomplish or reach an accomplishment like this but honestly, I don't want to! 
What are your thoughts on this article?
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