Tuesday, 29 August 2017

πŸ“š Integrated Studies - Hobbies πŸ“š

WALT : Gather, Evaluate and Synthesise information

With reading, well not really but integrated studies, we always given an text to read and a task to complete. With the task given I've only completed part of the task so with the bits of the task I completed, I created another DLO using Google Presentations - Google Drive Application. Anwyays,

With this task I basically had to pick my top 2 of my top hobbies and explain how I think I might be able to develop more with this hobby in my spare time.

My biggest challenge with this task?, Well it was basically to find the connection the article and the task had to each other.. but as I complete the whole task given I will then explain my viewpoint or perspective on the connections or relations the article and the task.

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With me, what more do I want from this task that could affect my future?... To understand the connections and relations to the task I'm completing. And to be able to honestly answer any question that comes around in relation to the text given... proving I have successfully read and understood the text provided for myself to read and also the task given for myself and my group to complete.

How would you have completed this task?
Do you have feedback or feed forward for me to use in the future?

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➗ Maths - How old am I? ➗

WALT - Use a range of multiplicative strategies when operating on whole/part-whole  numbers.

In maths today we were given a question (digitally online), and we had to complete this questions and provide evidence of our learning on our blog. 

The question given:

I am twice my brothers age, and ⅕ of my mothers age.
My father is is older than my mother by half my brothers age.
All our ages are whole ages!
I go to school but my doesn’t yet.
 With me I created a google presentation, in order to show my learning and to show the strategy I used to solve this problem.
 At first I was a bit confused, but in the end I was able to see the reason for me being so confused was because of reading to fast, and missing 'key words and phrases'. But after skimming and scanning an reasonable amount of times again through the questions, I was able to find those words, and phrases I missed reading the first time(s) I read the questions.

One thing I found difficult, was understanding the question. But to avoid this from happening next time in the future I will double check, re-read and skim and scan for information missed out.

My nexts step that I think shall help me move forward in my learning.. is to ask if I'm not sure, and always re-ready something I'm not sure about then to give up.

How would you have solved this problem?
Do you have feedback/feedforward for me to use in the future?

Well, please feel free and be welcome to drop by the comment box and leave me some feedback! 

I look forward in seeing all your comments and views...

Many Thanks... :)

Friday, 25 August 2017

πŸ“Έ My Presentation - Manaiakalani Hui πŸ“Έ

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IALT: focus and reflect on what I went did this morning.

It was nothing other than a crazy morning.. running around finding my bag, getting dressed for school, and 'ohh yeah' preparing myself for my presentation at the panmure yacht and boating club, for those member of the Manaiakalani cluster. We got there, and I was able to spot the Point England Kapa Haka group.. they were amazing! Their performance blew me away! I loved the songs they sang, and the expression they showed through their facials. But not only was I blown away but my nerves were shaking like crazy! I was so distracted in watching Point England's performance I totally forgot about how I was the first presenter up! It was soon before I called up...

I was called up, and made my way to the centre of the stage. A million thoughts were going through my head... but I kept calm, I took deep breaths in and out! This helped for me to relax more and stress less. I got up and began my presentation, as I finished the first slide, I felt I was ready to conquer and draw attention to the next slide. As I presented I tried my best in making eye-contact with the audience. I saw camera's flashing, and people whispering to each other. But, as much as I wanted to stop and freeze I kept it in me, and pulled through. Before I knew it my presentation was over!

Now it was my turn to be the audience throughout other's performance. As I watched, I wasn't only engaged in my other peers presentation, but I was also informed. They helped for me to realise and learn new things as much as just watching and listening. I learnt from a year 8 female (Honey - Glen Taylor), that she would like to increase the safety of her whereabouts - Glen Innes, or for short G.I.

My main highlight in presenting was coming as a representative of Tamaki Primary. It may not be the biggest school, or the most popular but it's a school that has helped me find my way in my learning journey throughout time!

I look forward in presenting next time! I can't wait to see my next audience. As much as I am nervous and unsure of presenting at first, at the end I am always grateful I was able to pull through knowing that the message I shared was a purposeful message and also a message that you can make a difference in.

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Just by reading, or if you were even their how do you think I can improve on my next presentation?

Please leave a comment down below! I really look forward in viewing and using the feedback or the feedforward you leave behind.

Many Thanks!

Thursday, 24 August 2017

πŸŒ… My Ancestors Hobbies πŸŒ…

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IALT: explain what my ancestors hobbies would be, and why they would have those hobbies.

In being given a task where I had to answers questions about my ancestors and their hobbies.. I have created a DLO using - Google Docs in order to share and show my opinion with others on the types of hobbies my ancestors would've had an interest in and why. For example...

  • Some of our ancestors would have been forced in loving a hobby. By fishing.. because back then there wasn't as many supermarkets as there are today!Therefore to avoid death of starvation they would have to fish for their food, and survival. 

Here is the DLO I created.....

Screenshot 2017-08-24 at 10.35.59 AM.png 
 In my opinion I would have to say that thinking about my next steps would have to be interviewing one of my elders in order to see what they're point of view is.

bThe fun part of the task, I got to think about the life my ancestors were living in, before technology and social media came in.

What hobbies would your ancestors admire? And why?

Please leave a comment down below!
Many Thanks :)

🎡 My Musical Hobby 🎡

WALT: explain what my hobby.

So with me my hobby as a child nowadays is to become a musician. The reason why? Well, it's simple...

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When I sing or hear the soothing sound of music playing, it helps to make feel at peace. Which relates to my Taha Wairua (Spiritual Health). 

In being a part of a school band at Tamaki Primary School, and as being a child growing up in the house of god, singing hymns, and learning different songs has helped for me to develop, a love, interest, and passion for music and singing. As a young child at first it was important to me, but as I understood the lyrics, and the reasons behind our choir and behind our singing it was able to catch my attention.

Now, heading into the direction of my family.. my family is a family who has fallen in love with music. The way I see it is that we are passing down our passion, to the younger generation in order to keep the family passions and interests going.

My friends, helped and supported me through perusing and dreaming big. Every time I made a mistake I wasn't laughed AT, I was laughed WITH. They helped in never giving up, pushed me in performing in crowds, and also helped me in never giving up.

 At the hardest times, I tried and I failed, but in having a open and growth mindset I was able to never give up. I was able to find my way of the ground and onto my feet and giving me the opportunity to try again, rise higher, and stand tall.

Therefore, I am still standing with my dream in becoming a musician. I don't ever think this dream will fade as I will try to the best of ability!

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So if you think of music to me.. It isn't just a hobby but also a dream I hope to pursue in the future as I learn and develop more.

What is your hobby, or dream?

Please leave a comment down below... :) 

Muchly Appreciated,

⭕ Ancient & Modern Hobbies - Venn Diagram ⭕

IALT: create a Venn Diagram in order to identify what they have in common and their differences.

So I worked with Ancient & Modern hobbies! I compared and was able to find what they have in common, and their differences. I used Google as my helper, and I also discussed this with some of my school peers.

Not only was I able to list the differences, but I also developed new knowledge and was able to learn something new other then just researching and reading!

As I was completing this task I came across some difficulty. As I read some text it didn't make sense to me.. mainly because of the wording and with some of the words in the text I wasn't able to properly define the world!

But with the things I found simple was finding out what they had in common. I did this by.. looking at an idea or a difference they have against each other, and think about whether they both those in common!

What I would like to learn next?, Well thats easy.. I want gain more knowledge on both Ancient and Modern hobbies. By doing this will help me out with developing and learning around more when it comes to modern and ancient hobbies.

Which would you prefer, Modern or Ancient hobbies?

Image result for old vs new

Please leave a comment down below for me to view in the future. Please ensure your comment has relation to my blogpost, and also includes feedback, feedforward, and suggestions on how you might think I could improve on my learning!

Muchly Appreciated,

πŸ”΄ My Content πŸ”΄

IALT: create my content.

Today with Miss Kyla, I learnt something new. I created my content with her! When we were in the process of doing this I was a bit lost in the 'fog', but as I was asked questions, out of intrest and out of me not knowing I found myself with a clear understanding on what my content is.

My Content Text:

I live in the year 2017 as a young teenage girl with access to technology.

I live in Panmure, Auckland, New Zealand.  A country where I am free to education, make choices to pursue my passions.
My communities are Tamaki Primary and Church.
My whanau are supportive of my passions.I am lucky my context allows me to follow my aspirations to become my best future self.

As you can see, There are 5 layers within this circle. In each layer is something different. If we are starting from the bottom it goes..
  • Time
  • Place
  • Community
  • Whanau
  • An image of myself
I was quite unsure of this at first, but then it turns out there was more to it. It wasn't just layers of a circle and an image in the centre of it all it was text. 

Image result for my content

Now that I finally have a clear understanding on what 'my' or even better 'a' content is, I could help my peers in designing and creating their own.

Please leave a comment down below for me to view!

Muchly Appreciated,

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

🏳️ Exploring Hobbies Around The World 🏳️

IALT: explore and share different unusual hobbies around the world.

As a part of completing my Manaiakalani Ambassador Presentation, one of my tasks were to explore and investigate new and different hobbies around the world.

I wanted to think, and find hobbies outside the box. Forget about Swimming, Singing, Collecting and all the basic... I wanted to do something new and think fresh. So I investigated and began to think deeper and deeper.

I created a DLO of very unusual hobbies that stood out to me. I found some of the hobbies I found very unfamiliar, and very weird. The main reason for this was probably because I wasn't use to hearing those types of hobbies.

As I created this DLO, I was to able to find hobbies from countries I have never thought about. I have also been able to gain and develop more in relation to hobbies around the world.

Image result for world

What I want to work next time on? Well it's simple.. I want to go in deeper with this learning topic. Now that I have gathered the information on the hobbies and where it originates from.. I want to see how many people know about these hobbies, Their perspectives, personally and educationally.

What is your opinion on this?

Please leave a comment down below for me to view. Also please do ensure your comment has relation to my learning, and also includes feedback and feedforward.

Muchly Appreciated,

πŸ“Έ Interview - Reading πŸ“Έ

WALT: Gather, Evaluate and Synthesise information.

In creating a Google Presentation came read an article, trying to achieve my success criteria, and interviewing role models. I asked 3 different questions and got 3 different answers. I interviewed a senior teacher from upstairs. Miss Morrison, which is a teacher to the year 5 and 6 and is currently teaching in room 8.

One thing I liked about completing this task was not only getting answers to my questions, but also learning more about the teachers in our school.

One thing I think I should work on is to... ask deeper questions that could lead into new areas of the topic.

I would like to focus on not careers and how, but dreams and why? In my beliefs I think that this will help for me to think about more.

Image result for interviewing

My next steps in my learning is for me to ask more people around the school. Maybe people I don't know a lot about. For example cleaners, or teacher aides.

Do you have any answers to the questions I interviewed Miss Morrison with?

Please leave a comment down below for me to view. Also, please ensure that your comment includes feedback, feedforward and suggestions on how you think I could improve more in area's of my learning.

Muchly Appreciated,