Monday, 29 February 2016

Student Council (Reflection)

WALT: reflect on the pass event which was explaining, that I was one of the very people chosen to become a Student Council.

This afternoon I was announced in front of the whole school that I was a Student Council.

Firstly for me to think of it I was so shy and nerve racking I could feel butterflies in my stomach but I got over it when I saw all my friends having a good time up there.

When it was my turn to walk upon the stage I walked up with pride and happiness also a smile on my face, Me being a Student Council would be of a lifetime opportunity and seeing how that has just came true is AMAZING!! Especially seeing how I'm participating through the school activities and also more things around the school and community.

Overall after everything finished I thought to myself I was very strong to be able to keep my nerves together, when I was up on the stage and also I had amazing time representing myself through and up on the stage for everyone to see me making myself a better, image!

It was very cool to see myself up on this stage with a Student Council badge on my school t-shirt.

Thank you to everyone who has gave me the opportunity to prove myself towards the school, and not only that but also the community. Not only will I help out but I will make the community a better place for kids to live in.

Thank You

Friday, 26 February 2016

T.P.S Picnic Day

WALT: explain about the T.P.S picnic day!!

As you can see below this text, is a Google Presentation which is explaining everything that happend during the T.P.S picnic day!!

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Thursday, 25 February 2016


Today for Technology, I was in Graphic class.
WALT: explain to our audience, the events that happened during our Technology class.
We had to create a drawing, which shows jewelry, which includes words, and pictures.
Here is my drawing that I created in Graphics class.

Below this text is another activity we completed during our class. 
Our 2nd activity we had to complete was to choose a person that we would like to create for them a type of jewelry.
If you can see below this is my drawing that we had to create, and complete!

Thank you for viewing, and I hope you enjoyed viewing my work!!
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Thursday, 18 February 2016


Today for Technology we were put into 3 different groups.

WALT: explain the activities, and groups from Technology! 

1 group for the year 8 (Boys and Girls), and also 2 groups which was year 7 Boys and Girls mixed.

The Technology class I was in was 3D and 2D shapes.

There were three activities altogether, they were;

  • Pewter Casting
  • 3D and 2D shapes
  • Sowing
When we finished writing down all the information we were told, we got to bubble write our names!

Technology at Tamaki College was so FUN!!!!!

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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Duffy Assembly

This is a presentation based on the Duffy Assembly we had today, in the last block!!
WALT: explain and reflect on the Duffy Assembly!
This Google Presentation shows and explains what the event was during the Duffy Assembly, we had.
The Duffy Assembly was very active, and it was also a very powerful act they out on, to help persuade children, to keep READING!!

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Friday, 12 February 2016

My TRUMP Questions

WALT: explain and also share our TRUMP QUESTIONS, with the people viewing our blogs.
This is a Presentation explaining what TRUMP means to myself, and also explaining how we can take care of our property, and also explaining the importance of being a year 7 & 8!!
I hope my text is understandable and readable for the reading my BLOG!

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ALL ABOUT ME - Artwork

WALT: share my artwork, with the audience viewing my blog!
This image is based my ALL ABOUT ME artwork.
In this task I had to draw pictures, of what represents myself, around the squares on the outside!!
Then in the middle square we had to draw a picture of ourselves, and our name somewhere around the photo. 
I hope my images, are clear enough for my audience to view.

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Many Thanks

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

NEW ME!!!!

WALT: share information about ourselves, now that its a new year, and also how everyone is a new classroom.

(Fresh New Start)

Malo E Lelei and greetings to you all, My name is Losana and I am a year 7 student, currently attending to Tamaki Primary School.

The classroom I am in for 2016 is Rm 10, the teacher of that classroom is Miss Aireen, and the teach aide of that classroom is Kelly.

In School my favouirte Subject is READING!!

My favouirte Sport is NETBALL, and my favouirte food is Mc Donalds!! 

This year I am looking forward towards making myself a better person, and also choosing the right path, in life.

I am also looking forward to thinking about what kind of crowd I would choose to surround myself with.

One person that inspired me was my sister Stephanie, the way she inspired was because, though she made mistakes in life she choose to pick herself up.

Another reason is because she told me when life knocks you down you choose whether to get back up.