Wednesday, 30 November 2016

😁Friday Camp Reflection😁 #Raglan

This is my last camp reflection from the time we've been at camp. This reflection will explain how I think I showed TEAM at camp.. and also my overall highlight of my camp journey. Friday was a very sad day.. knowing that was the day we had to pack up.. and clean ready to head back home! This reflection should be about.. TEAM which was our 2016 cam vision, and it should also be about the night experience we went through based on the camp fire.

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My Friday Reflection:

Overall my camp journey highlight had to be the campfire.The reason for this is because everyone cam as one and all the students sang, and ate their marshmallows in silent happiness. Also because this was an activity where we get to know our peers better, and bond more with one another. As I looked around while sitting, with my friends I could hear laughter, and see smiles. What other beautiful combinations could their be. It seemed like everyone was participating ads one. And they were also trying to get to know one another better, as a group. I realised that night, that the journey of camp raglan, has helped me discover more in life, and with people. The songs sang, were quite entertaining for the teachers. Throughout camp I've showed team by participating and contributing in all team activities, and also by bonding with my team mates, by encouraging them to join in.

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Well, thats it we've now come to a end.. which I find very sad! I had an amazing heap of fun during the camp Raglan with my peers, and I do look forward to the journey of life ahead of myself.

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😁Thursday Camp Reflection😁 #Raglan

Here is my camo reflection, based on Thursday. This will be based on.. the food (YUMMY), and also the experiences.. I went through during Thursday. This will be about what I think I need to work on next time.. and also what my thoughts were based on Thursday. 

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My Thursday Reflection:

At Camp Raglan, today I realised I had achieved my goal that was set from yesterday (Wednesday). My goal for yesterday was to help everyone in my team to participate and contribute, in every activity. Today everyone in my team participated and contributed.. in all the activities that were given for us to explore, and experience. The fun athletic activities  that everyone was able to participate in was.. BMX track, the flying fox.. the confident course and many more active athletic activities. The most interesting activity I found very entertaining was the flying fox.. The reason behind this is because, while everyone was getting ready and as their nerves were shaking.. the encouraging words.. and the caring feelings were still able to be developed for those who were having a hard time experiencing the flying fox. As it was my turn to go flying down the flying fox.. although my nerves were shaking.. and I had trouble concentrating.. I was able to bare through due to the support and the encouragement my peers, and team mates were giving me. The food that was served for all bseral meals. were DELICIOUS and healthy! For example the hot dogs.. the burgers.. and also the drinks. I found the hotdogs the most yum meal.. because we had the choice of choosing what we wanted up to onions.. and the type of source!

Thursday was a crazy experience.. I found heaps of things about Thursday intresting from.. Activities, Food, to cabins!

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😁Wednesday Camp Reflection😁 #Raglan

This blog post will be showing you my camp reflection on our 2ND day at Camp Raglan. This will be showing the activities that were done.. and also the memories.. and thoughts on what I think needs to be worked on later on.
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Wednesday Reflection:

Today at camp, we explored and completed many amazing challenging activities.. for example we went on.. the flying fox, confident courses.. BMX track, and also rock climbing.  Out of all challenges, I found the flying fox the most challenging activity because, knowing that it was on high ground and how it was moving at a intense speed I was horrified. I learnt how to participate with my team and to also show team! Next time I look forward to steeping up as a leader and creating more unforgettable memories with my peers. Tonight I look forward to leading my team in the direction of success, and also to help everyone get involved. Laer ib tonight, we have a "Activity Night".. this means everything and everyone doing it as a team, and I can't wait for the laughs and smiles I will see tonight.

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😁Tuesday Camp Reflection😁 #Raglan

Here is my Camp Reflection, that was done on Tuesday which was our first day of being at camp. This reflection was done in our camp booklets, due to no access of digital, gadgets and devices. Keep reading to find out what I wrote.. for my camp reflection at Raglan.

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My Camp Reflection:

Today at camp Raglan, I've learnt to never give up, and also that nothing is impossible. When we reached our first destination, I was overwhelmed seeing all the sites, and exploring the camp.I think I should TEAM as everyone was enjoying the gym, and how heaps of people encouraged one another and also when everyone, was helping to fit in with their cabins, to also make everyone feel welcome. Today I showed team, by participating in almost every event, and activities that were given today. I need to work on, getting others to believe in themselves and to join in next time. Also the lunch and dessert was very delightful. The meals that were being served.. and feed to us what pretty much speechless as we chewed in our mouth. I look forward to all the delicious food, and the fun activities later on while the time being here. Overall after today it was a blessing upon all of us from seeing our cabins and welcoming each other. I couldn't wish for anything better than bonding and creating stronger friendships/relationships with my peers, and one another. Overall my highlight of today was getting to see our cabins.. and my lowlight was having to end our day!

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😅 My Camp Highlight 😅

I am learning to reflect on my camp highlights

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During the time, you will be reading.. you will find a presentation filled with questions, answers, and also images.. based and related to my camo highlight. It shows.. how I think I showed TEAM at camp which was our 2016 camp vision. Back to the camp vision.. this vision basically stood for "TOGETHER EVERYONE ACHIEVES MORE". From my point of view the meaning of this to myself.. was basically achieving something independently isn't always the same feeling you will have =achieving something as a team. It will also show my most favouirte images.. that were taken while the time of us being at camp Raglan. As you keep reading.. more and more interesting thoughts.. and information based on my camp highlights..


I hope by viewing this presentation, you've learnt a lot about my thoughts on my camp highlights. This would have to be the highlight of my year because.. getting to know each other more.. and encouraging others to create more memories, and also to create more friendships with one another was an life changing event, and memory never to have been forgotten. I think this camp trip had helped everyone realize more about one another, and also to help each other create new friendships.. along with a stronger bond. 

Camp Raglan, was very fun out going and I wouldn't be more proud to say that it was unforgettable.

If you had an experience like this, would want to go back?

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