Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Maths - (Warm Up Online Task)

WALT: practice using our ratios

Today for Maths we were given a Math Warm Up Task, online we had to practice using our ratios to solve the problem given. There was 8 - 9 questions asked in total, based on using ratios to solve the problem.

Here are some of the questions, the online Maths Website gave to me to solve....

If you would like to explore and check out the Math's website we were given, to practice our ratios on please click the link below...

Maths Online Website

Here are some images below.....

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Persuasive Writing (What I need to work on, & What I did good on)

I am learning to explain to my blog audience "What I did good on, & "What I needed to work on" with my "Persuasive Writing".

As you can see this blog post, is based on What I did good on, and What I need to work on based on my Persuasive Writing.

Below this blog post you will find there is another blog post, and it is my Writing if your read my Persuasive Writing, and if you would then like to read this presentation...

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Persuasive Writing (It Is Wrong To Fight)

WALT: persuade our audience what our thoughts, on whether we agree or not with the statement, given.
Persuasive Writing

It is wrong to fight, This type of writing will be explaining to my blog audience that I definitely agree with the statement "It is wrong to fight".. Keep reading

*Persuasive Writing*

I agree with the statement “It is wrong to fight”.

My first, and most important reason why “It is wrong to fight” is because it may lead to innocent people getting hurt, it could lead to serious injuries to the people who make the right choices and do the right thing.

For example if Violence were what the world would be more focused on, then it wouldn't be a safe place for people to be living, if a child dies from the bad decisions others make because violence is what they choose that doesn’t seem fair, or safe for anyone..  

Another reason why “It is wrong to fight” is because it wouldn’t bring any light to the world, if anything it would just encourage the world to become more darker. Some people think mainly of VIOLENCE, and that isn’t the best choice because, others mainly think of PEACE which is basically a better, and much safe world, if only it came into reality.

For example if people, wanted to help make a difference, a better difference in the world, then with all this violence I don’t believe it’s possible. Instead of the world becoming a more bright, safer, happier place, it wouldn’t be possible if everyone is too busy looking for new ways to start up more violence.

Lastly, the reason why “It is wrong to fight” is because the only thing that would happen alday is people getting more injured and hurt, and behind this disgraceful mess is violence.

For example, lately in the NEWS there has been an serious issue based on a man walking outside of the nightclubs, one punching an innocent man in face, and now he is currently suffering, Stitches to his head, A fractured nose, Cuts on his lips, and lastly bruises to the elbow and also tailbone. This poor man has suffered a lot, he’s basically lucky to be alive! If this were your friends and family getting hurt, and if this were what the world would be, I don’t think anyone would like it?!

I strongly believe “It is wrong to fight” because it wouldn’t be safe for the world, innocents will get hurt, everyone would be seriously injured, and it may lead to death perhaps, and lastly the world wouldn’t be a happy and safe bright place!

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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Todays Day??!!

I am learning to reflect on my day

Today's Day...??!!

Today Room 10 had a reliever today, her name was Miss Hodge... because our Teacher (Miss Aireen) was absent.

Today in the first block (Morning Block) we had to complete the following reading tasks provided to us on the Document shared, by Miss Aireen. 

Once we had finished our reading tasks provided we then had to complete our Writing task, which was to complete the following Document, which was to write a piece of detailed persuasive text, and to also to state your reasons, and opinions against the statement given, which was "It is wrong to fight". Which I have provided on the blog for my blog audience to read, and to also leave comments on.. 

After our first interval we came into class and read about an article online. I read about an article on the website New Zealand Herald if you would like to read the article below this text should be an link to the following article I had read.

After that we had to complete the Math's task given for each group.. As we we completed the Maths Task.. we also had to record the answers and strategies used to solve the problems given.

After our last interval, we had to Self Manage ourselves. We technically had to complete any work that hadn't been completed last week, and this week...

As the day was about to end with 30 minutes remaining, our school Rugby Team (Year 7 & 8) from Room 10, had the opportunity to play, and practice again, their rugby training for the upcoming tournament!

Thank you for reading, I've decided now to reflect on my day, for the time being because as for writing goals, one of them were to help myself improve more on giving detailed information, by writing about my day!

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Cybersmart - Smart Media

Cybersmart... Smart Media

In this DLO of Cybersmart Smart Media, it would show the smart media devices and the amount of time I spend on the devices. It also show a graph of the Cybersmart, Smart Media devices I have, and the time I spend using it. In this there is also a personal question in there.

Smart Media

  • List some digital media equipment that you use every day.

  • What do you use these digital media equipment?
  • How much time do you spend using these? Record your this in the table below
                    Digital Media
How long do you spend using these equipment on a daily basis?
1-2 hours daily
30min daily
1 hours daily
30min - 1hour daily

Show this information using a bar graph. Click the following link: You may do this with a partner.
Analyse and compare your graph with a partner and discuss the differences between your graphs.

Personal Reflection Question
  • What is your viewpoint about the role of digital media and how these digital media plays a big part in your life today? In other words, how will digital media impact (influence) on your life in the future? Will this be positive or negative? Why?

I think the digital media devices will contribute in my life as an negative influence because it would take too much time out of my life, and not only that but it could stop me from spending time from doing valuable things, into wasting time with things that isn’t important!

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Monday, 29 August 2016

Language Features - The Experment Expert

WALT: use Language Features to describe the Poem "The Experiment Experiment"

This will be showing you, 
  • Similes
  • Metaphor
  • Visual Images
  • Onomatopoeia
  • Sensory Images
  • Feelings & Emotions
  • Questions (I wonder???)
  • Alliteration
  • Personification

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Friday, 26 August 2016

Life Education Reflection...

WALT: reflect on what happened at LE (Life Education)

Today was our last session/lesson with the LE (Life Education), and Harold luckily we were able to see Harold fir the last time, before we left. We talked about the things we like, and as were growing, who can help us...?? We also played an game which was called "Clap the Number"..  Lastly we talked about what we want to become as we get older, and how we would achieve that goal! Then as we left, Room 10 was so lucky we got to rap along to Harold's rap. Harold's rap was all about "Staying Fit & Staying Healthy".

Overall out of all 3 lessons/sessions the part I found the most interesting with learning, about was when we talked about how your body changes as we begin to grow older. The reason I found that the most interesting out of all lessons, was because I learnt some things I never knew..

Like for example

  • As we grow changes are normal
  • You can always talk to someone about the changes your having
  • As we grow sometimes we see working independently is more of an option than working in a group
  • We have to think about the choices we make, for example think about the consequences, before deciding what you want to do
  • Always keeping an open mind, and always thinking through what choice you want to make before making it
The lessons at the LE (Life Education) program were very interesting, I believe some things I learnt there could help me become more successful in life. Thank you LE (Life Education) for teaching so much about life...

Thursday, 25 August 2016

A Little About Me???

I am learning to show my audience, a little bit about me.....

I feel like it's a little weird for me to be sharing my learning with my blog audience, without them knowing much about me so I've deiced to share a little bit about myself with my blog, and blog audience!
This is a Google Drawing, show you a little but about myself.. This explains quite a bit about me but please leave a comment below to maybe help me improve more!!!!

Evidence of my MATHS LEARNING!!!

This is me blogging to my blog audience showing them "Evidence of my Maths Learning"....

This would be explaining the Maths Homework I was given to complete, and insert on an presentation, that would also show evidence of my learning!!!

To see the Evidence of my Learning, KEEP READING.........................................................

If you would like to suggest any feedback, or comments to help myself improve more on my blogging! Thank you....

Room 10's Music Session

Today in the middle block, 45 minutes before our 2nd interval.. we had a music session. For our music sessions we learn new things, about "How to spell new instruments" like for example one of the challenging competitions we had to face was spelling.. TAMBOURINE!!! Today session was about plenty of things, but unfortunate I couldn't stay for the whole Music Session, because I had to get to the responsibilities of the school left for me to do! I love being able to explore and learn new things during our Music Sessions/Lessons... Thank you 

Technology Reflection (Chocolate Chip Coconut Cookies)

I am learning to reflect on the Technology that happend at Tamaki College.

Today for Food Technology, we found it was our SECOND TO LAST WEEK until we had to switch groups... Because of that we made Chocolate Chip Coconut Cookies, to read what happend, and to see how I reflect on my Technology!


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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Life Education Reflection...

I am learning to reflect on the LIFE EDUCATION session we had

Nichole (Life Education Teacher) taught us quite a few things today that helped realise as you grow changes that affect you is absolutely normal... The first and second session we had were based on "Puberty" basically, the main part of "Puberty" we talked about were the Physical, Emotional, and Mental changes that happen as you go through the process of growing up.

Here is my REFLECTION!!!

The most interesting part I learnt at the Life Education lesson, was that I was able to hold and seek the parts of an fake made heart.
Image result for the human heart
We played a game of “Clap the Number”.... The way to play this game is Nichole would call out a number, and when she called out the number, we had to clap as many times as the number she has said….
Image result for clapping games

Then we talked about the human body,also how the heart sends blood around the body, and how back in the day the people who lived back then, didn’t now the brain controls the body!

Overall listening to what Nichole had to say, I realised growing up can affect the way you want to do thing... for example one of the things Nichole said was that, as we grow up sometimes we see more of BECOMING MORE INDEPENDENT, more of an option than working together with other kids. In our last session we also got to meet HAROLD!!!

Image result for harold the giraffe

Harold was an very entertaining GIRAFFE, and I look forward to hopefully seeing him in the future!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you.......

Coping with STRESS

This will be talking about Coping with stress. This explains what makes you stressed out, and why it would make you stress out!! It also has images relating to Coping with stress.

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Coping With Stress Scenario!!

Here is my groups google drawing about "Coping with stress scenario"... 

This talks about how a boy "Martin" gets a part in a film, and he is to afraid to perform in front of his audience because he doesn't believe in himself, and because if that it's causing stress to interfere with what he aims to do.

Think about if you were Martin, what would you do during that situation! How would feel, and What do you think would resolve this?? Please leave comments below to help improve more on my blogging skills...

Thank you!

Coping with Stress.....

Coping with stress
This Google Drawing, is mainly questioning yourself about the Stress you having today! It asks many interesting questions about your own stress, and what you think is going on, and also if you believe you can make a change! At times Coping with stress can be really hard, but you always have to remember, stress is exactly normal for the human body to be feeling.

Please leave a comment about your stressing and imagine these questions were asking you?? What would you do about it, and Would help make a difference about what your stressing about today! 

Thank you....

The Y Chart....

The 3rd stress activity, is based on a Y chart...
Inside the Y chart there are 3 different sections, one section would represent what STRESS feels like, looks like, and sounds like! Here is an image of a blank Y chart...

Image result for y charts

Our Y chart is explaining what STRESS looks like, feels like and sounds like...
Keep reading to find out more!!!

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My Stress Jigsaw...

For my second and last activity, I've decided to complete a DLO showing a 4 pieced jigsaw and in each section why different types of people stress!!

My 4 different types of people........

  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Children
Those are the 4 different types of people I've choose to write about why they would stress!!
Here is my Drawing explaining why they would stress???

When it comes mind "Why would they stress" hmmmmmmmmm??????

As you can see, I've also inserted pictures in the centre of the page.. one photo represents the stress of a parent, teacher, and the last one represents both a child and student!

Please leave comments, suggestions, and feedback below!!
Thank you.

Small Stresses & Huge Stresses

WALT: explain what Small Stresses & Huge Stresses from our point of view!!
Today our first activities was to complete 6 different task based on stress. I decided to work in a group of 3, and we dived the task and we had to each complete 2 different tasks each! The first task I completed, was Small Stresses & Huge Stresses... This mainly talks about what Small Stresses & Huge Stresses are from my point of view... There are also images their to help show what STRESS looks like!!!

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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Inspiration is EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!

I am learning to show through pictures, and my point of view inspiration is everywhere!!!

This presentation should explain my point of view of finding INSPIRATION!!!
I believe everywhere we go, and everything we see is inspiration just waiting to be noticed if only someone makes an effort to seek it!


....Thank You For Reading....

Room 10 - Manaiakalani....

Image result for kids working together cartoon

For the Room 10 Manaiakalani Film, Miss Aireen has put us to challenge. She has decided for Room 10, to spilt into 4 different groups, and in each group we have to create a movie sending out a positive message to our audience. By Term 3, Week 7 the best movie Miss Aireen picks, is the movie our class (Room 10) will be taking to the Manaiakalani Film Festival of 2016. This is an great challenge for the YEAR 7 & 8 to bond, and also a great way for everyone to work together, and to let everyone participate in making, a movie that sends a really POSITIVE. The group I've decided to work with, is an very interesting group here are all the members in our group...Image result for kids working together cartoon

  • Jennifer
  • Amelia
  • October
  • Willie
  • Bruce
  • Marcus
  • Joe
  • Losana (Me)
Altogether were a group of 8 people... 

Thank you... (There will be updates later on for the next 2-3 weeks)