Thursday, 22 June 2017

🐈World's Oldest Cat Died?! 🐈

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IALT: reflect on how the world's oldest cat has passed at the age of 24!

To all those animal lovers out there!After just currently reading an article I've realised and just been informed that the world’s oldest cat has died at age of 24. They say that it was about only a month ago, that Poppy, turned 24 and was recognised by Guinness World Records. The average age for a cat is 15 but Poppy lived an unusually long time. If she was a human she would have been living around 114 human years. Poppy's owner Jacqui said: “We knew she was old but it’s still very upsetting”. And that is very understandable! Having a cat that can last, or live up to longer than it's species is very unusual and also one of a kind.
For Poppy's 24th Cat Years Birthday Celebration her owner designed her a cat eatable cake, with candles celebrating the length of her life!
After hearing about this story it makes me think about how long my cat may live for? Honestly, one reason why I don't want a lot of animals is because with my family with a dog, to a cat its always a sad death! But I find my passion for loving dogs, and animals to strong for my passion of protecting my feeling from getting hurt!
How do you feel about losing an animal?
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timote said...
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Tukotahi said...

good work

timote said...

very sad

alyssa said...

Hi,losana i like the way you were using lots of explanation in your reflection on the oldest cat who died at the age of 24 i really like your refection keep it up losana.Congratulation on blogging 600 blog post during class time.Great work.

Tukotahi said...

i feel bad

Hamish P said...

thats an old cat sad that it died tho congrats on the 600 blog posts and you are very good at blogging and ceep it up yaaaaaaay

Fe'ao @ Tamaki Primary School said...

Wow the oldest cat died any way great job on your 600 blog POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Losana said...

Wow!! A huge thanks to all those who have commented! I really do appreciate the positivity you are commenting on my work. And also thanks for congratulating me on my 600 blog posts. I know you guys will once get their too! Anyways, I really look forward to receiving and seeing more of you and your learning!
- Losana

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