Friday, 15 April 2016


This is my google drawing... talking about SAMOA, it explains facts... and also shows images!
I hope my facts are understandable... Samoa is an amazing country.. which lovely beaches, the warm sun shining upon us, and the warm wavy ocean waving by slowly!
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The Outline of a Person!

WALT: explain and reflect, on the activity we've completed.. also showing and explaining what makes yourself, and a confident person!
This is a Google Drawing an Outline of a person, this explains what a confident person is...
Outside of the Outline of a person, it shows 5 five words... those 5 words show what a confident person makes......
Inside the Outline of a person.. that explains what makes me a CONFIDENT...

Explaining my 4 words.. My reflection:

  • Pride
  • Fearless
  • Honesty
  • Supportive
Pride means:
Having pride, and not being afraid to show yourself... to others, also having confidence in yourself!
Fearless means:
Not being afraid of things you were afraid of in the past... also believing in yourself to get over your fears.
Honesty means:
Telling the truth... and not being afraid to speak the truth!
Supportive means:
Encouraging others.. to become a better person and follow the right path in LIFE!

Overall Reflection:
During completing this task.. I've learnt that the inside of a person.. is a HUGE difference to the outside of a person! Heaps of people.. may think there is no difference but in my mind there isn't really a huge difference to each of them. I've thought deeply about, what makes myself a confident person... and this is what I believe in, makes myself a confident person!

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Thursday, 14 April 2016


WALT: Explain to our audience our Inquiry task today
This is our Inquiry task for today..
We had to complete 3 sections, with include..

  1. Listing your strengths
  2. Completing sentences explaining what your strengths are, and how you use them
  3. Explaining, about our class's Waka of Strength , also to add a picture of yourself and your padol
In this Google Drawing it will be presenting, images, and also information about room 10's..... 

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Technology Reflection

This is my final Technology reflection for Term 1!
Technology at T.C this term was very exciting, also knowing... how we had the opportunity to do different activities at a different school!
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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Group Questions

This is my Group Investigation, Questions....

With this we had to create questions, as a group about the Panmure Library!
We had come up with heaps of questions... In this Google Drawing... we have added a photo, and also around it, we have our question! This is for our Group Investigation... which we have for Inquiry!
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Duffy Assembly

Today during the middle block we had a Duffy Assembly, During this Duffy Assembly we had Tasha from MIT, she came and sang for us... also she explained her journey, of LIFE! Before this Assemble, the Student Councils, (Leaders) had to set up the hall, and plug in the projector, chairs, and also the microphone set up! We had a little, dance off on the stage, the 3 teachers... that were up there were...

  • Miss Barlow
  • Mr M
  • Mrs Juliana

Our school, Tamaki Primary... has been voted the number 1 school, in the Duffy Assembly dance off!
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Monday, 11 April 2016

Actions of our school values!

This is my Group Plan

WALT: describe specific actions that will help us show the school values at out school

For this activity we had to get into a group of 4 people, and everyone had to give us one idea for each school value

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How can we show our SCHOOL VALUES???...

WALT: explain to our audience, "How we can show our school values?"
This is showing.... how we can show our school values, during school hours.
Look below here to view, my learning!
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Tamaki Values -

  • Manaakitanga - Caring for others
  • Tukumarie - Tolerance
  • Rangimarie - Peace
  • Whanaungatanga - Building Relationships
  • Ako - Learning
We had to list 4 ways in each value, to help show them around our school!

Friday, 8 April 2016

BLoom's Taxonomy - Current Events T1W10

This is my Bloom's Taxonomy, which is explaining a news article.. about a 7 week baby speaking it's first word, which was "HELLO"!
Click HERE to read the news article!
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Thursday, 7 April 2016

Technology Reflection - T1W10

WALT: explain and reflect on what we were doing during Technology at Tamaki College.
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Monday, 4 April 2016

Maths - Fractions

WALT: understand "Fractions", also learning how to divide Fractions, unto equal pieces! This is me and my partner Paris, work!
Here is the question: 

  • Maddie made a cake for her 20th birthday party. She had to share it equally with 4 people. 
  • How much cake would each person get??

This is how Paris and myself worked it out... For the both of us we found it very simple... to solve this problem.
I hope this photo explains most thing, that we learnt during this lesson!
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Current Events - Blooms Taxonomy

This is my Current Events, which is explaining the artical "The Warriors win their first game"!
Click here to read the article...
This is my presentation which is showing, all the main idea's towards the artical I've decided to choose!!
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Friday, 1 April 2016

Maths - T1W9

Image result for happy hundreds
WALT: solve how many set of and sharing division problems using multiplication reversibility
We had 2 questions we had to solve using smiley faces, AKA: Happy hundreds.
Questions 1: Kurt had 28 doggy treats to share equally between 4 dogs...
Question 2: Granpa Tu had $42 to share equally between his 6 grandchildren....
To solve these questions, we had to use... multiplication and division!
This was a Stage 6 strategies that Rm 10 had used for this problem!
Here is a quick photo, or the Happy Hundreds we had used, to help solve these problems
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