Monday, 26 June 2017

📝Blog Commenting - @ PES 📝

IALT: share with my audience the new skills I have discovered which is commenting on an blog post with absolutely no description!

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Blog commenting on year 6 student's blog from Point England, is really difficult for me. It has been 1 month that I have been waiting for new blog posts to come but it hasn't! So I thought I'd so something about it because surely, I couldn't be the only one reading her blog and wondering, creating and discovering new questions on her work. I commented on her latest blog post which was published on the 12th June this year. Her blog post was about emoji's. It was basically to me a game meant for entertaining, but I do believe with a little bit of supportive feedback she could get to the stage she can, and deserves to be at!

Anyways viewing Ana's blog yourself could be as easy as a click of button! Wait a minute, it is! Click HERE to which a link provided for you to view Ana's blog post.

Do you have any feedback and feedforward for Ana?! Please do comment on her blog as well as mine and a lot of appreciation will be because of you!

Anyways, please leave a comment below! 
& also thanks for you for viewing!
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