Monday, 26 June 2017

❔Why Is Fitness Important?❔

IAL: explain why fitness is important to me!

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I have created a DLO using a Google Drive Application - Google Drawing to share with you my thoughts on why fitness is important! Now in completing this task I have used the very helpful, and enjoyable S.E.E Structure! Which I should remind you stands for... Statement, Explanation, and also Example. I have tried completing this task to the best of ability, and also to share the main purpose of my writing which you might find if you read "between the line"! I have made 1 statement, 1 explanation, and also 1 example! My goal in this task was to keep it simple, get to the point and also keep the reader entertained in the amount of text I provide for them!

In supporting what I have written came with challenges but after thinking outside the box and putting myself in that very position I was able to problem solve and find a solution, or answer to the problem I had!

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I am still looking for advice on this though? So please feel open in leaving comments below, to help me out in my learning!

Thanks for viewing!


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