Friday, 23 June 2017

🗯️Blog Comments/BIG NEWS!!! 🗯️

IALT: reflect on how much comments I recieved on my blog, and some BIG NEWS!

As I was scrolling and double checking my work I found a awful unfamiliar amount of comments on some of blog post blogs, from 2, to 5, then hitting 7 I just had to the comments for myself. As I was checking all these comments I recognised that all the comments I had been receiving were from the students from room 8, down to room 6! Not only were they commenting about my work effort but also congratulating me on reaching the maximum number of 600 blog posts! Which I don't know how they found out but a lot of appreciation went out to them. Oh yeah to those who are reading I've just reached over 600 blog posts!! I wanted to keep it secret, and waiting till I blog my blogging goal which 1000, but since it's out, its out! Anyways going back to the comments, When they commented not only were they commenting positive feedback, and feedforward but they were also commenting on things that really inspired me to do better, and set a better example for the younger generation to follow in the future!

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The comments:

Not only am I surprised to see who has commented, but I am now motivated to leave positivity wherever I go! Whether it is an online website, or a playground, or a basketball court. I need to keep in mind I am the example for those yet to come.

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