Thursday, 16 November 2017

Technology - Reflection

IALT: explain what we are currently doing while being at Technology.

Today's lesson is all about focus, concentration and moving forward in our clock designs. We've been given our circles to draw onto our design.

Before starting Miss Ferguson started off with giving us that brief description and example on what and how we will be doing.

 Image result for circle woodImage result for love heart emoji

Above.. ⇡is an example. With the circle shaped wood, you wood copy the emoji face onto the circle. It was simple... But to make things easier to trace we would print a copy of the emoji to trace onto the wood from the A4 paper. The key to this was finding a right size to print and fit in the circle.

So basically this lesson was about starting on the actual clock design. As Miss Ferguson said.. 'It isn't a one lesson/session job'.. work does take time. But the main idea was to work hard and get something relevant done before ending of the session.

Myself and Toma, had the same design! What a coincidence?! So to help each other.. with the things we need to work on in relation to this design.. we would be able to give each other advice.

With me & Toma, what we found the most challenging, was finding the right image size to print and trace from.

Our next step from there was to start painting our design. Well only for those people who had finished drawing/tracing their designs.

Image result for drawing circles

Something I find that I need to work on is tracing my design within the time frame given.

What are your thoughts on this Technology reflection?

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