Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Te Tuhi - Script Writing

IALT; reflect, blog, and share with you the script we wrote as a group of 4 for our final Te Tuhi trip.

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Before attending our final lesson out of our 3 visits this tem to Te Tuhi, our final task for the final lesson was to create a script of a role play about anything. The choice was ours. But before that group organization came first.. we had to place ourselves into a group of 4 members maximum. No less than, or more than 4. Anyways with the group I was apart of came..

  • Ana
  • Falakiko
  • Akanesi
We decided to base our role play on something we all have in common, which we found to be... cuture. We all came from the same place.. 'Tonga'. So we thought about what we all do... and church came up. Then we thought of Sunday school. So then we started brainstorming and our finished idea was talking, reading and explaining what we learn in Sunday school. With Falakiko playing the roll of the Sunday school teacher, and as me, Akanesi, and Ana play the role of his 3 students it might for other students to understand what we can learn in Sunday school.

Anyways, when we were crafting our performances, lines, actions, and all these different expressions came in. It was difficult for some of the people of our team but we made it through.

With our skit, it was a mixture of both the English, and Tongan language. That way the non-tongan speakers/understanders will be able to understand what we are saying.

But here is our written script..

What are your thoughts on what we may need to work on in regards to this script?

However, if you would like to access and watch the finished product of our performance at the Te Tuhi Art Gallery, stay tuned for more of my reflection on our final lesson!

Muchly Appreciated,


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