Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Kapa Haka - Reflection

IALT: reflect on Kapa Haka.

Ever since term 4 began.. Koha (Our Kapa Haka tutor) hasn't been with us, due to another one of her Kapa Haka teams making nationals, and overall placing 2nd place. Amazing right?! Anyways..

There was no time to muck around so we got learning, and they got teaching. We learnt a new haka for both the boys and the girls. But before learning the haka we talked about where we came from in New Zealand, whether it was up north, waikato, hamilton, or wherever. We realised the south coast is where we all live and come from (including waikato). Honestly, I was a bit lost, on why we were ever doing this but it all seemed to link up in the end! Our haka was about Waikato.

We learnt the lyrics on board, yet to be memorised and remembered by heart, and we learnt the actions, which is the same thing as the lyrics.. yet to be memorised and remembered by heart.

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We then moved on to playing a game. Koha, would write up a song learnt in our past session, with missing gaps and words. We would be spilt into 2 teams, and the gap she points at the first team with all there team members hands up, is choosen to answer first, Matua Braedy, would choose which team answers first. Oh yeah, Matua Braedy is our other Kapa Haka tutor (aka Koha's partner).

Sadly, myself and Ana weren't able to stay for the whole Kapa session as we had another commitment to attend to (kiwi can jam). But with the Kapa Haka session just passed, I found it fun and enjoyable.

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Personally, our listening skills as a group needs to improve. Some people were off fooling around, laughing over nothing, while other were really there to learn something. Which is what I think as a Kapa Haka group we all need to improve on.

Challenges? That had to be learning and trying to memorise the lyrics and the actions to the Haka. Only because the moved were a bit confusing.

My likes of the lesson? We hit term 4 with a big one. Coming straight in, learning a new haka the moves, and keeping it 'chill' and sensible to. Apart from our listening skills mentioned above.

But.. what your thoughts on my reflection about Kapa Haka, drop it down below in the comments!

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