Monday, 6 November 2017

Reading - Comprehension Test

IALT: reflect on the skills I used and developed during this reading test.

Yet again a way to start a morning.. with a reading comprehension test.Usually with these types of test we would individually meet up with the teacher, and she would ask us the questions.

Before Kiwisport, and currently now (after Kiwisport) our class have been completing, or in other words 'finishing up' on our reading test. Today it was a bit different, instead of e-asttle online, we were each given an individual paper, some were the same as others while others were different.. This test was all about, reading, reading inbetween the lines, and answering the questions provided. The text given to myself was all about navigation, tracing, and your sense.I seated myself beside Ana. I found it easy for us to work without being distracted, until after Kiwisport. I think the reason for this was because we were pumped from being outdoors (Kiwisports), and distracted and hyped. Now for the 'to be honest' during the test, and the questions and answers.

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Personally, it was a easy read and answer before Kiwisport, but after as I came upon finishing the test, I was distracted, off track, and my mind was on something else. Which was a weakness. 

In setting a goal for myself next time, I wish to avoid all distractions and putting my education before any other. 

What I found interesting, or my likes during this text, the fact of me finding new information within the lines between the text, and also with me having the ability to use skills developed during our reading time, with our groups, and teacher.

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Something I want to achieve in relation to my reading in the future is the ability to.. stay on track, and keep my mind on the main focus. It is also to skim and scan in identifying new information, and finding those 'key', 'relevant' things in the text that will help to inform my reader more.

What are your thoughts?

Please leave a comment down below, and I wish to view, use, and see all your comments including feedback, and feedforward.

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