Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Cybersmarts - Shopping Online Poster

IALT: send a helpful message through shopping online on a digital poster.

Miss Shearing came in and gave us what we would be talking about. It was all about online shopping. As a class, we scrolled through a presentation showing some 'shopping failures'. A 'shopping failure' is basically ordering something online, and not getting it the way expected. The examples on these are inserted above. ⇧

So yes it is funny, but in reality it's actually a bit frustrating. Personally, I see shopping online as a risk. You could be ordering something from a scammed website, giving your bank number details to an untrustworthy, and negative human being!

What else did we talk about? Oh yes, online tips and tricks. Miss shearing gave us that little tip, so by the time we reach the age of shopping online, we are aware of our choices. By spotting 'scammed' websites they're could be, spelling errors, make sure what your reading stands towards a decent professinilism level, paying attention to the questions asked (card pin..) and to also look for the 's' in the https, in your omnibox to ensure your website is secure.

Then we focused on..'email scams'. I find it that I am sent a lot of emails for things I don't use. Be aware that some emails could inform you about sales, while others are trying to persuade to buy things, or for you to give in your card details, or address when really its all a lie.

We looked at some realistic but example emails. Where a woman would a email explaining how one, has won an $100 Itunes card. Then asking for their transaction number.. and log in details. 

 Scams can be everywhere. Websites, Emails, Social Media, and more. But to help us in our desicion making related to 'online shopping' in the future Miss Shearing showed us a DLO listed of things on how we might be able to tell its a fake, scammed, website, email, or even advertisment. Take a peek.

Our last task, before interval started was to create a poster sending and showing a positive 'awareness' that could help online shoppers.

As I created my poster I thought catchy, and 1 themed. So I went with colourful. 
Check it out down below!

My next steps is to... interview or ask about if any of my family relatives have been scammed, using what website, what was at risk, what did they loose, basically all those questions to help keep my readers informed.

What I wish to improve on next time is concentrating better. My concentration during this lesson was 85%-90% good through out the whole lesson. But I wish to achieve staying 100% focused, but at the same time making sure I'm having a decent amount of fun, laughs, and smiles!

What did I find challenging, well it's simple! Thinking about my online message. I believe that if I had interviewed my family members, or researched about these 'online shopping failures' I would've been able to find that one message that stood out to me. But personally, through what we talked about with Miss Shearing I was able to understand and identify some very important online shopping messages. For example...............
  • Make sure you're ordering from a legit website.
  • Be aware your giving a decent size of information.
  • Is they're spelling errors?
  • Is your seller realistic, and is their any suspicious errors?
Along with a lot more!

How do you think I can improve more in cybersmarts? & Why?

Hey, to those reading my blog.. Are you an online shopper, and are you aware?!

Muchly Appreciated,


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