Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Kiwisport - Run, Jump, Throw

IALT: develop and reflect on the skills taught to me during the time we had at Kiwisport.

It's no longer dance, but now Run, Jump, Throw. With our currently passed session we worked towards strategy in running, speed and ability, and the way or the secret to speed.

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But anyways, first things first. We always have to 'warm up'. We played a game of capture the flag. But there was a bit of a twist. Instead of capturing the flag, we would be divided into 2 equal, but different teams. With each team is given 2x hula hoops, and in those hula hoops are 5x balls. Adding to 10 balls, and 2 hoops in each team. We would pick 2 taggers who would be given a 'swimming noodle'. Then while we would run to the oppsite team, strategizing a way to 'steal' they're balls from there hoops, if they had hit us with the 'noodle' before we got a run we would have to put it back and try again. But the taggers, couldn't move! They had to stay in that one spot. I found this activity entertaining! We all had fun, no one was hurt (well, purposely, No), and we were able to maintain matureness.

Next we were to line up along the yellow line, on the top courts. We talked about and tried to spot the key things that are shown when Usain Bolt (the fastest man in the world) runs.

When Usain Bolt runs you can identify..
  • High Kness
  • But Kicks
  • Lower Head
  • Hands are always active
  • Cheek to cheek (face cheek - bum cheek)
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After explaining and going through what Usain Bolt does.. we tried to put our thoughts and identification into action. By trying those things, and being aware of things like for example..
  • Is our speed increasing?
  • How does it help?
Our task was to do those things (Usain Bolt does), to about 1 quarter of the top court (portrait). 

I found that it did work, and it did increase my speed, but it also increased my ability to become drained out, or in other word(s) tired,

Our next task... was simple. 5 groups, 1 ball per group, 1 runner, 5 passees, 6-8 group members (depending on the total amount(. The aim of the game? Beat the ball to the finish line. When the whistle blow you run, but when your running your team (in a line), is passing the ball down in a line. The purpose was for the team to try and pass the ball to the finial team player before the runner reaches the finish line. When the runner finishes.. the line moves forward and the first thrower become the runner, and the 2nd ball passer become the first ball passer, so on..

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With the team I was associated with involved...
  • Ana
  • Sene
  • Metui
  • Demetrius
  • Rosemary
  • Akanesi
Some of us cheated, some of aware of the whistle blowing, but we got though it.

What I found the most challenging? That would have to passing the ball, and catching it in time before the runner beats us. Mainly because.. some of the boys in our team was so focused on winning, it might have been possible they could have skipper a team of member (or 2) or threw the ball so hard and seriously, it went flying the oppsite way.

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What do we/I need to work on next time? Being aware of the other people in our team, and not always focusing on winning, but having a good time!

My favouirte part? Hmmm??!! That would have to be the last activity. Beat the ball. It was fun energetic, and though we had rough times during the activity we were able to at the same develop some team building skills.

Now, I'm looking for feedback from you!!

Please do leave a comment down below and I look forward to seeing all your feedback, feedforward, suggestions, advice, and tips based on my blog/blogpost.

Thank you.


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