Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Te Tuhi - #Trip3 Reflection

IALT: reflect on what we did during our time with Te Tuhi.

It was final visit to the Te Tuhi Art Gallery located in Pakuranga for our lesson on.. role play and poster making. When we first arrived, we met up with Salome, and she directed us to the room where we would be performing our role plays in front of our peers, and teacher.

Our next step from there was to separate with our groups, find a space inside the area of where we were presenting, and have those 'final practices'. We had about a good 5-10 minutes of practice time before gathering up as a class and performing to each other our skits/role plays.

When we gathered back as one.. our group kindly volunteered to go first. At first it was honestly nerve racking to be known as the group who was the first group up, and had to set the bar real high and set a good example. Anyways, as we performed through our skit Miss Komor kindly recorded it which is here for for you to watch (below). 

As you can see we started off with a brief description on what our play/skit was about... which was basically just to help paint and form a picture in our audiences head.

When I was presenting my biggest struggle/challenge, was making eye contact with the audience. Everytime I looked up I saw more than 2 pairs of eyes.. which was a bit freaky, So I took deep breaths in and out and continued in performing with my group.

Though I really enjoyed performing and presenting to my peers and teacher something cultural, and something that reflects me and my past.

Then we began a reflection task for the posters we created during our time at Te Tuhi, which was done after our skit/role plays. Take a look below...

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