Wednesday, 15 November 2017

The New&Improved Fitness

IALT: reflect on how fitness was done differently.

Through Monday to Wednesday (today) fitness has been new, improved, and more relevant. It's on countdown.. in only a few days more until the big day of 'athletics' comes. So to keep us fit, yet a bit more warmed up we've decided to race with the actual year levels or peers we would be racing on the day.. just to kind off give us that vivid picture of how it would be. 

Both classes of room 9 & 10 come together to be put into groups of.. year 7 girls, year 8 boys, year 8 girls and so on.. we would then line on the race tracks and race one another. Some jogged, some spirited, some walked.. though we did participate.

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With our races its between racing with students the same current age as you, or the same current year level.. it's what the races are based upon. 

At first I was tired, and the sun was draining my energy out so when the group I was apart of, was called up I made my way up and jogged it out. Then I felt the actual temperature and heat of the competition against my body.. I then began actually running. I ran with..
  • Ana
  • Irys
  • Faith
  • Kalo
  • Alone
Somehow I was able to find myself coming in 2nd place. With Ana leading.. I felt good. Not only was I able to run my hardest with my peers and make an incredible placing but I was also able to participate and contribute and have a good time.

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I can't wait till Friday! To see all the colours, costumes and competition people decide to being on the day of the race! This year with Benghazi.. Win OR Lose.. Having fun is still the main point with me. Who cares about placing?! Have a great time, and make great memories and if we are able to make a place on the shield that could count as a bonus celebration! 

One thing I found challenging was actually racing other than jogging. I wasn't in the mood for serious competition yet, I still had to run and set a good example as a leader to others.

My goal for next time is to... have a change of mindset and help for others to run it out too!

Anyways, what do you think about our 'new&improved' fitness?

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