Friday, 24 November 2017

Miss Kyla's Farewell Assembly

Image result for tamaki primaryIALT: reflect on the type of experince we went through during Miss Kyla's farewell Assembly.
From 9.40AM to 11.00AM, was the Tamaki Primary Schools opportunity to farewell our lovely Miss Kyla, as she has left in reasoning to start up and focus on her family.

There was so many different performances. From singing, to dancing, leading to speeches. From all the performances I was able to look beyond their performance and realise the love and determination they put into their performance, and farewell item.

For the Kia Manawanui, it was a mixture of singing... and showing our love through the Haka performed by both genders. As the boys out all their energy into the Haka, the girls showed their support from the back. 

My highlight of the whole Assembly was standing and saying a few words before the end of Assembly. Even though I stopped after a few words and bursted upon tears.. I am fully grateful to have her as a former teacher of mine!

Honestly, What I wish to accomplish while Miss Kyla is away, is working harder to improve on all my weaknesses.

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I wish Miss Kyla all the best in her future with her future, and I hope to see her later in the years  to come. 

Please leave a comment down below for me to view in the future, and I hope to view and use feedback and feedforward with the next Fare Assembly we have next.

Muchly Appreciated, 


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