Thursday, 26 October 2017

Fitness - Reflection

IALT: pace myself.

So today for fitness we were one teacher short (Kelly). She wasn't able to be with us for fitness so we did 2 laps around the bike track, and 2 stations with Miss Komor, and Miss Kyla.

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Now to the bike track laps... When we were running some were running at their hardest, while others seemed drained out already. Myself, Frances, Ana and Akanesi, were still at the beginning of the bike track, but by the time we looked over some of our peers already over half way. 1st lap was done, and I was still up. 2nd lap done, and we made it. We got back cheering on the rest of our peers making there way to the finish line. 

1st station was all about squats and step ups. I think most of my peers were still a little bit tired from the 2 laps they weren't able to keep energised which was understandable. Though I could tell everyone was still trying there best to keep an open mindset.

2nd station, walking lunges and plank holds. That just made my thighs hurt. I tried my best to keep going but I found it hard knowing I was a little tired. So yes I did stop with another one of my peers Frances. It was only about time that Miss Komor noticed and made us stay longer to successfully complete the plank hold like everyone else.

We were done.. and we were on our way to class. Some of my fellow students approached the tap to have a drink before leaving to class.

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Next time I hope to keep steady, and set a pace where I am able to keep consistently moving.

My next steps in fitness is to encourage my peers to keep going rather than to give up, and stop. I hope what happened today with the second station doesn't happen again. As a leader I would like to set a positive example, and help to keep my peers mindset to be open to doing and trying new things.

What was my biggest challenge in todays fitness session, well that was quite simple. Keeping active. I had the energy to stay up but I personally choose to give up due to my mood, feelings and emotions. However, I had realised that letting my personal and educational emotions and feelings get in the way of my fitness isn't always the best choice.  

What are your thoughts on how I should improve more on fitness, and why?

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Muchly Appreciated.

Maths - Word Problems

IALT: solve and explain my strategy.

So today for Maths, it was all about solving word problems.. well for the first part of maths at least. We were given 2 different questions. Here are our questions and the strategy..

Answers, and strategy's...
8 packs, 6 cans

The answer to me is 48, the reason for this is because 8 x 6 = 48.  8 from the packs, and 6 from the cans.

For the next question the answer 96, because according to the problem Hanni uses 8 carrots for one bag, and if you were to go up to twelve bags you'll need 96 carrots to fill it up. 

What I found the most challenging during this task was finding the words, and the maths language to explain strategy. I had the strategy in my head, but finding the words and putting them together to make connections, in order for it to make sense was the hardest part to be honest. But as you can see above this text I was able to solve, explain and show my strategy.

My next steps.. are to be more familiar with explaining my strategy more, and being able to find the words faster than expected.

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If you were to solve this problem, how would you solve it and why? 

I am now working towards recalling my basic facts faster. By doing this I will get a partner from my maths group (number ninjas), and get them to ask questions with mixed operations to see how fast I am able to answer, and how I can explain my strategy. That way I am learning to do 2 things at a time.

Myself Ana & Leilani, pulled out some subtraction and addition flash cards to help us with our learning focus. (Recalling our basic facts quickly). We were able to finish both sets of flash cards. I was able to gain all the point in the addition and subtraction flash cards. We would've moved onto the multiplication flash cards but our other 'peers' were still in use with it.

Next time I look forward in trying the division and multiplication flash cards to see how the speed and ability I have in solving those problems.

What do you think?

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Muchly Appreciated,

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Maths - Recalling Basic Facts Quickly

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IALT: recall my basic facts quickly.

For maths for the first hour Number Ninja's, had to recall our basic facts.. then for the other hour we would be with Miss Komor to review on what we did during that time.

At the moment myself, Rosemary, and Leilani are working on recalling our basic facts. I completed a against the clock worksheet with mixed operations to familiarise myself with recalling my basic facts.

My biggest challenge while completing this was completing this worksheet fast. With me I like to take my time, and find my own speed. I was able to quickly find the answer but writing it and moving onto the next one was a bit hard. Sometimes i would confuse the answers to specific questions leading me in answering the wrong question with the wrong answer. I also need to work on listing or explaining my strategy. I'm stuck on finding the answer and giving my strategy. 

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After being with Miss Komor, we were given a task. From yesterday's maths task (shooting balls) to find the percentage of our shooting, we had 3 rounds of 12 balls per person. We would negotiate how many shots we got in our of the 3 rounds.. then we would find the percentage to each round.. moving on towards adding all the percentages up.. and multiplying that answer by 3.

This is a bit difficult, I've never had to add up percentages, ans divide them like this. But I look forward to working with my peers in completing this task. I might be able to learn a little something, something from them!

My next steps is to share and exchange idea's in order to make things easier for our group. I also look forward in seeing how many shots the competitive boys team were able to get in.. knowing they were a bit too confident. Though I believe maths was fun and exciting too. I can't wait for the next task!

What are your thoughts?

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Kiwi Can... - RESPECT

IALT: reflect on what we learnt at Kiwi Can.

Yesterday we had Kiwi Can.. Our theme is something completely different for the next few weeks. It's all about respect. We got into the hall, and saw Miss Lily. Sadly it was only her and we missed out on having Mr Malu as our other teacher. We got straight into it...

We started talking about what our next topic is 'respect'. The defining what it means, and what it could look like. For example respect could be..

  • Listening to the speaker
  • Facing the speaker
  • Not talk while other are talking
  • Showing your manners
And much more. Some of my peers in my class weren't getting involved. Either they were stuck, or they were just shy! I personally was a bit to shy also, which is understable to my peers.

The next part was getting into our activity. It was called 'Sally, Sally'. It wasn't a person but a song. The point of this activity was to follow the instructions. Stand up when the lyrics of the song went, 'Sally go up', well squat up basically.... and and squat your way down when the lyrics of the song played.. 'Sally go down'. As a class we formed a circle and started the activity.

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We sat down, still in a circle and discussed what happens if people judge you and don't RESPECT the way you are. If you get putdowns.. some of the answers we got were..
  • You begin to loose confidence.
  • Judge yourself!
  • Put yourself down.
  • You won't wanna be included.
  • You easily give up
All these answers related to me in a way. Before I judged myself on how.. I wasn't the best sports player, or I wasn't as good as others when it came to specific things... because of others. But now that I have been able to RESPECT myself, I can give those things a go and I've found that I have hidden talents when it comes to sports too. Instead of giving up.. I would rather give it a go regardless of judgements.

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The energiser we had was about..knowledge and fitness. We were spilt into 2 different groups. As the song plays one group would lay on their stomachs and follow the instructions of the song. When it says up, hold your plank position, when it says down.. stop holding your plank position. While that group was busy with that..the opposite team would choose 1 member to be given an animal. And the 2nd team would ask YES/NO questions to try and guess the animal. The team to guess the animal the fastest would avoid the oppsite team from holding longer planks.

We gathered back in and talked more about respecting other. That was over and it was time for a bit of General Knowledge Questions. We got up into groups of 4-5 to verse our peers before finishing up. There were questions such as..
  • What is the actions and song to the new catchphrase?
  • What is the most known farm animal in New Zealand?
And much more. Before we knew it time was up, and we were lining on our way to class!

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I really enjoyed this lesson. I had an open mind, and set a goal to try new things and give them a go, without judging myself which I was able to achieve!

What are your thoughts on this? How do you think I did judging on my reflection?

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Gratefully Appreciated,

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Inquiry - Indigenous Game

IALT: research and share information about an Indigenous game of my choice.

For Inquiry in the last block we were given notice about how we had less than a day to complete a presentation informing our audience, and readers about an Indigenous game of our choice. As Miss Komor was speaking I was already planning out what type indigenous game I would pick, what I would have in my presentation so..

When I heard we were presenting to our class the very next day in the last block (tomorrow), I was personally confident to work and complete this my own. I was all set, but before I knew it one of my peers (Ana) asked for me 'us' to work together. I was unsure at first but then I thought about how I could relate to her idea's and how we could also exchange idea's, in order to extend onto new, better and fresher idea's.

As a blogger to all my viewers, and readers.. I find it important to inform my readers on my personal thoughts on my learning/education life. A honest blogger, is always a loyal blogger. So here goes.....

My thoughts on this.. is Ana and myself's, idea's didn't connect. It just wasn't working. I can't say it was me or her, because our minds are very different when it comes to specific things. It got up to the stage where I wasn't able to find a subject or an idea we could both sync on! I was ready to give but then I remembered about what the Kiwi Can values taught me! Never to give up, to always have resilience, and to respect other's differences.

In the end I was able to complete the work. Which is where my blog post has bought me today, To share with yous my learning!

What are your thoughts on the indigenous game we picked, and the information we showed?

My favourite part of this task was talking about my likes. For example how it was a modern sport, and also explaining how I can see the difference between a long lasting sport, and a '5 minute trend'.

Do you agree or disagree? And Why?

Please leave a comment with feedback and feedback on what you personally think?! I look forward in seeing, viewing and using the feedback and feedforward left on my blog!

Muchly Appreciated, 

Cybersmarts - Infographic

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IALT: create an infographic about 'Netiquette' online.

Last week for cybersmarts, Miss Shearing left us with a website and a task. The website we were given was ''. This website is used for designing and using other themes to design different infographics. What were we making an infographic about? 'Netiquette' online. Basically the Do's and Dont's. However, before we began with the creation of our infographic we planned through the Do's and Don'ts online.

Here's a screenshot of the work itself. As a class, as we raised our hands giving idea's we would list them, along with idea's of own! On what we should be and shouldn't be aware off.

After doing this we moved onto signing up for the website and finalising the theme we would be using for the infographic we are creating based upon, 'Netiquette'.

Personally it was quick for me. As I used some of Miss Shearing guiding skills to help me out with this I was able to complete a simple, but very engaging themed infographic.

What are your thoughts on my infographic based on.. 'Netiquette'.

Please do leave a comment including feedback and feedforward based upon my work.

Muchly Appreciated,