Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Kiwi Can... - RESPECT

IALT: reflect on what we learnt at Kiwi Can.

Yesterday we had Kiwi Can.. Our theme is something completely different for the next few weeks. It's all about respect. We got into the hall, and saw Miss Lily. Sadly it was only her and we missed out on having Mr Malu as our other teacher. We got straight into it...

We started talking about what our next topic is 'respect'. The defining what it means, and what it could look like. For example respect could be..

  • Listening to the speaker
  • Facing the speaker
  • Not talk while other are talking
  • Showing your manners
And much more. Some of my peers in my class weren't getting involved. Either they were stuck, or they were just shy! I personally was a bit to shy also, which is understable to my peers.

The next part was getting into our activity. It was called 'Sally, Sally'. It wasn't a person but a song. The point of this activity was to follow the instructions. Stand up when the lyrics of the song went, 'Sally go up', well squat up basically.... and and squat your way down when the lyrics of the song played.. 'Sally go down'. As a class we formed a circle and started the activity.

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We sat down, still in a circle and discussed what happens if people judge you and don't RESPECT the way you are. If you get putdowns.. some of the answers we got were..
  • You begin to loose confidence.
  • Judge yourself!
  • Put yourself down.
  • You won't wanna be included.
  • You easily give up
All these answers related to me in a way. Before I judged myself on how.. I wasn't the best sports player, or I wasn't as good as others when it came to specific things... because of others. But now that I have been able to RESPECT myself, I can give those things a go and I've found that I have hidden talents when it comes to sports too. Instead of giving up.. I would rather give it a go regardless of judgements.

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The energiser we had was about..knowledge and fitness. We were spilt into 2 different groups. As the song plays one group would lay on their stomachs and follow the instructions of the song. When it says up, hold your plank position, when it says down.. stop holding your plank position. While that group was busy with that..the opposite team would choose 1 member to be given an animal. And the 2nd team would ask YES/NO questions to try and guess the animal. The team to guess the animal the fastest would avoid the oppsite team from holding longer planks.

We gathered back in and talked more about respecting other. That was over and it was time for a bit of General Knowledge Questions. We got up into groups of 4-5 to verse our peers before finishing up. There were questions such as..
  • What is the actions and song to the new catchphrase?
  • What is the most known farm animal in New Zealand?
And much more. Before we knew it time was up, and we were lining on our way to class!

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I really enjoyed this lesson. I had an open mind, and set a goal to try new things and give them a go, without judging myself which I was able to achieve!

What are your thoughts on this? How do you think I did judging on my reflection?

Please leave a comment down below for me to view and use in the future.

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