Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Inquiry - Indigenous Game

IALT: research and share information about an Indigenous game of my choice.

For Inquiry in the last block we were given notice about how we had less than a day to complete a presentation informing our audience, and readers about an Indigenous game of our choice. As Miss Komor was speaking I was already planning out what type indigenous game I would pick, what I would have in my presentation so..

When I heard we were presenting to our class the very next day in the last block (tomorrow), I was personally confident to work and complete this my own. I was all set, but before I knew it one of my peers (Ana) asked for me 'us' to work together. I was unsure at first but then I thought about how I could relate to her idea's and how we could also exchange idea's, in order to extend onto new, better and fresher idea's.

As a blogger to all my viewers, and readers.. I find it important to inform my readers on my personal thoughts on my learning/education life. A honest blogger, is always a loyal blogger. So here goes.....

My thoughts on this.. is Ana and myself's, idea's didn't connect. It just wasn't working. I can't say it was me or her, because our minds are very different when it comes to specific things. It got up to the stage where I wasn't able to find a subject or an idea we could both sync on! I was ready to give but then I remembered about what the Kiwi Can values taught me! Never to give up, to always have resilience, and to respect other's differences.

In the end I was able to complete the work. Which is where my blog post has bought me today, To share with yous my learning!

What are your thoughts on the indigenous game we picked, and the information we showed?

My favourite part of this task was talking about my likes. For example how it was a modern sport, and also explaining how I can see the difference between a long lasting sport, and a '5 minute trend'.

Do you agree or disagree? And Why?

Please leave a comment with feedback and feedback on what you personally think?! I look forward in seeing, viewing and using the feedback and feedforward left on my blog!

Muchly Appreciated, 


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