Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Cybersmarts - Infographic

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IALT: create an infographic about 'Netiquette' online.

Last week for cybersmarts, Miss Shearing left us with a website and a task. The website we were given was 'canva.com'. This website is used for designing and using other themes to design different infographics. What were we making an infographic about? 'Netiquette' online. Basically the Do's and Dont's. However, before we began with the creation of our infographic we planned through the Do's and Don'ts online.

Here's a screenshot of the work itself. As a class, as we raised our hands giving idea's we would list them, along with idea's of own! On what we should be and shouldn't be aware off.

After doing this we moved onto signing up for the website and finalising the theme we would be using for the infographic we are creating based upon, 'Netiquette'.

Personally it was quick for me. As I used some of Miss Shearing guiding skills to help me out with this I was able to complete a simple, but very engaging themed infographic.

What are your thoughts on my infographic based on.. 'Netiquette'.

Please do leave a comment including feedback and feedforward based upon my work.

Muchly Appreciated,


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