Thursday, 12 October 2017

Maths - Reflection

IALT: practice my basic facts knowledge to solve number problems.

Maths? Hmm, today with maths I went into our Maths Group Basket and looked out for games that would help me to achieve the learning intention we were given for our group (Number Ninjas). I was with some of my group members, and I was also with some of peers from other groups (Islander maths). They were given a similar learning intention so for us to help each other achieve and have a clear understanding we played a game in relation to both our learning intention. We were looking out for a game that would help us keep our math knowledge up, and keep us consistently thinking. we deiced to grab a pack of cards, and do all sorts of things with different numbers which were to either, multiply them, divide them, or add them up!

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There were 3 boys and 3 girls playing this game.. But it seemed a bit plain and boring! So to bring in a bit of fun, and entertainment we decided to put genders against each other. Which was basically to go boys VS girls. It was George, Siale, and Gary against, Myself, Ana, and Akanesi. We asked several questions in order to try keep our brains going. Instead of asking questions we already know the answer to... we wanted to put a challenge on ourselves and get us thinking more. We tried to identify the things we struggle with the most in maths. For example, which multiplication we struggle with the most, or which area in maths they struggle with. By asking them questions with the things they aren't so familiar with will help for them to recognise these 'struggles', and become more familiar with them.

What are your thoughts on the maths game we played?
Do you have any feedback or feedforward for me to use in maths next time?

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What do I want to work on next time?

Well it's simple, i want to be able to work with the things i struggle with the most in maths. y doing this will help for me to answer and solve questions I wasn't so fast in solving. It will also help for me to help my peers out in their struggling areas with maths.

Please leave a comment down below for me to view and use in the future.

Many Thanks.... :)


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