Tuesday, 28 February 2017

👩‍💻Quad Blog Commenting👩‍💻

IALT: comment on my quad blogging group, and leaving positive messages and feedback 
Today I've decided to do some  blog commenting, on my quad groups blog. I had 3 different choices to choose from to comment on, well 2 because yesterday I had commented on Ana from Point England's School. I have decided to comment on Seini from Point England also. I read Seine's post about her "Number Of The Week". As I was reading through her blog post a lot of feedback, and feedforward came to mind.

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Commenting on Seini's Blog:

I decided to comment on her blog, because one of my goals, is to help other people improve on there blogging skills. One thing I found challenging with blog commenting on Seini's blog was finding something that she could improve on next time. As I read through Seini's blog I found a lot of things similar to my work, because a few years back I did the exact same task which was one thing I found interesting. We had our similarities, but also our differences..

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One thing I look forward to is to see whether Seini uses the advice that was given to her by myself, and whether she can improve on her learning, and blogging skills. 

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Monday, 27 February 2017

🖐️Blog Commenting (Pt England)🖐️

WALT: comment on others people's blogs, from others schools leaving positive feedback and positive comments!

As I went through my blog I saw on my blog checklist 3 different children, from 3 different schools were on my blog. The reason behind them being on my blog is to help myself improve and learn new things from them, and for them to learn new things from me. We're basically showing AKO, which is a school value we have at Tamaki primary meaning you learn from me and I learn from you, basically in other words learning from each other. I decided to pick at least one person, and so I went with Ana from Point England School. Anas blog link will be provided below along with the comment I left behind on her blog. Something I learnt about Ana was that she is only a year 5 student, which means to me that she is still learning about blogging skills. I read about her Chocolate blog post, this blog post was basically about guessing what the image of the chocolate before finding out what is was, as I reading this I was forming different feedback,  and feed forward to apply onto her blog. Below this text my blog comment will be provided, and below the image of the blog comment will be the link to Anas blog.

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WALT: reflect on Pollution

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Today we were either given pen & paper or our chromebooks to list and write down everything we know about pollution. I decided to make a Google Document, using my knowledge of Pollution to list down everything I know about Pollution. One thing I found easy to say was that there were 6 different areas in Pollution.. Everything I know, and all my knowledge will be provided for you to view below. Before having to list down idea's, if you only had ONE main idea about pollution, as Ms Komor was taking the roll every name she had went past she asked them what pollution means to them, or in other words what is Pollution? I was luckily the last name to be on the roll, which meant I had the most to have thought about my answer before saying it.  I wanted to give an answer nobody had said, and an answer that wouldn't only help me understand Pollution more but also for others. As I had sat down, and thought about my answer many different answers came across my head from my other fellow peers, friends, and classmates. Some ideas that I thought and heard about was....

  • Pollution can affect Humans
  • Pollution can be caused by Littering
  • Pollution starts when care for the community or environment is stopped 
So I think you get the idea? Anyways I decided that I had thought oF my answer.. my answer was that, Pollution doesn't only affect humans, and animals but also makes and affect a huge impact on the environment or community being affected.  In other words what I was trying to explain was that some people only think that Pollution can only affect humans, and animals but truth be told it can affect more, it could affect something as big the world or the universe.  If the world doesn't care, and stops loving the healthy believable environment we live in, some time in our lives the world will quickly turn into an unhealthy and unsafe place.

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What do I think Pollution is?

What do I know about Pollution..?
With Pollution I know there are 6 different types of pollutions, and I also know that I have the ability to name all six, which are…
  • Noise Pollution
  • Land/Environment Pollution
  • Air Pollution
  • Water Pollution
  • Thermal Pollution
  • Light Pollution
I also that Pollution can not only affect animals, but it can also affect the community, and environment we live in. Not only that but also the people we have surrounded by us. With pollution I know it can be caused by several things, as for example,
  1. Littering
  2. Oil
  3. Gas
One thing that I also know about Pollution is that, Pollution can be a negative place surrounded by rubbish, or chemicals, turning the world into an unhealthy and unsafe place. Pollution can also take up space on land, with unnecessary things.. As for rubbish, chemicals and other disgusting, disgraceful things.

The 6 different Pollution’s can be caused or prevented by different ways, for example Water Pollution can be caused by littering and dangerous chemicals in the waters.

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I hope you've enjoyed reading and thank you.
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🏸 Kiwisport Reflection (Badminton)🏸

IALT: reflect on Kiwisport

Today, at 9.40 Room 9, travelled to hall using our legs, for Kiwisport. The sport we were learning, and practicing was BADMINTON. Today's Badminton lesson was all about MOVEMENT, but before we got started we started the lesson of with a little "Stuck In The Mud". Today's rules changed a little, the rules that if had gotten tagged, in order to be free someone has to come and clap between your legs still applied... But the change of rules were the 3 taggers and everyone else had to move by left and right! We played at 2 games, then the Badminton fun began. 

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Ben (Kiwisport Instructor), talked about how we are going to use our four hand grips, and backhand grip, relates to our leg movements towards the shuttle. If we were right handed, the movements of our legs should go, Left leg forward first followed by our right leg, with our racket held b y our right hand, swinging towards the shuttle either in the four hand grip, or the backhand grip. If you were a left hander it was really similar, the racket should be held by your left hand, and your right leg should move first followed by your left leg, and your hand & racket swinging in the same direction (left), with either a backhand grip, or a four hand grip. The boy's were put outside to practice outside due to the small space in our hall, and to avoid people from getting hurt. I paired up with ANA, and we practiced using these leg, and arm movements. 

The aim of this was to not only reach for the shuttle but actually have movements inside of you! At first I found it very difficult, but in the long run Ben did help me improve more, on what I needed to improve on. The most challenging part of this game that I found was keeping inside my brain that your racket should be held in your right hand, and your left leg should move first then your right leg (Because I am right handed). Once that activity was over, we were gathered back into the hall and he talked how we could try and use the movements we were just practicing, and putting them into action, By this I mean using them in relies. Myself, and Ana, tried our best using these but I think the hardest part of this was when we had to keep in mind that we had to use before. At the end of that the lesson was finished!
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I believe throughout the lesson the most difficult part overall was when, we had to have relies using the movement skills Ben taught us, using our legs and arms!

Next time I look forward to working on improving more on my movements, and less reaching for the shuttle and more moving towards the shuttle.
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