Thursday, 28 July 2016

Daily Reflection

Reflecting on my day, is me being honest! I hope you enjoy...
Today to help achieve my Writing Goal, I've decided to reflect on my day, and to also blog about it!
So Today....???
Firstly  we went Technology, for me it feels weird having for all the girls to sit at the back of the school bus, and the boys sitting in the front! It's really disappointing that our teacher can't even trust, a bunch of year 7 & 8's to sit together on a bus! It's a shame as the oldest kids in the school, we let our teacher/syndicate leader down. Then we get to Technology, we made Macaroni! The thing about Technology (Cooking Class) is it's frustrating when I see kids trying to follow the ingredients to use, and the equipment needed.. but at the same the teacher of the class growls them, and accuses them of not listening or, following instructions! At times it feels like the world were living in, is a place no one can understand! Getting back to school, WOW and it's raining.. looks like for our interval we were stuck inside! I was down at my buddy class... it was amazing for me because I've never seen kids so happy enjoying themselves, even though there stuck indoors! After interval I was gone out with another group of kids to work on our Math with Kelly, after that we had Music... It was awesome to get back in the "Rad Rhythm" zone... even though it's been a while! Now the last block..?? I was in the Music Room for all of the block, working on songs with the other people that are included in the band. We worked on, Cool down, See you Again, and were starting on "American Dream". When I got back to class, I was just in time for home time.. but the thing is I was SO nervous about whether I'm going to get my CAMP INVITATION!!! Luckily when I got to class, Miss Aireen has decided to let everyone participate in the coming event for our year 7 & 8's CAMP! It was mind blowing to hear I'm going to camp! I hope my daily reflection has to you a lot about how I see things, and hopefully you will hopefully decide to share you day, with your blog audience also!

Technology - T3W1

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WALT: share and inform our audience about.. our first week back at Technology!

This is our first week back at school, and because it's our first week, that then means TECHNOLOGY!!! "Yahhhhhhhh". Today for Technology we made Macaroni, with Onions, Ham, Salt, and also Cheese. Firstly we had to boil water, and then insert the Macaroni inside the boiling water, so it could soften up. After that we sliced up onions, and also ham! We then cooked it and once that was finished we then poured the Macaroni out of the bowl, and into the courlander, and from there we put everything into one bowl, and mixed nicely! Lastly we served the food onto the bowls, and enjoyed!!
Thank you for reading, and also the images above is the cooking equipment we needed to complete the cooking of, the Macaroni!