Monday, 25 September 2017

Kiwisport - Hip Hop Reflection

IALT: reflect on today's hip hop reflection.

It was 9.40 and we were approaching the hall. We got in for our hip hop lesson, and clashed with the ending of room 10's hip hop performances. As supportive and encouraging peers as we sat the back of the hall watching room 10's final group performances we tried our best in respecting them by..

  • Facing the performers/speakers
  • Not talk while others are
  • Giving them the confidence boost
  • Not laughing or mocking others
Yes, Not all performances were perfect but I believe that everyone did good. Though overall, my thoughts are that one thing all room 10's performances had in common was shyness, or being nervous while preparing to be on stage. Which is stage-fright in other words, I hope with room 10's further hip-hop or kiwisport lessons they are able to overcome this.

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Anyways, with room 10 finishing up on their group performances, we went straight into it. We were out in our pairs, or groups choreographing on dances. In hip-hip you can only count 8 beats, and no more than 8. You also have to make sure your timing is correct. 

I worked with Akanesi. It was really for us to choreograph our dance because of our history. We have known one another for a long time now, and we get along really easy, which is why I believe that we found this task not so difficult. We were called in and ready to perform in our groups one by one, in front of our audiences.

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Groups pasted and finished, but still my nerves will shaking! I felt really shy to perform espically in front of a class mate or peer who I have 'awkward' history with. But as leader I shall lead by example. I put my past, and judgements behind me on got on stage. I had to try my best in following the choreography to the dances we choreographed.. Mainly because, it was a competition. The winning group would win a first free class to one of Jasmines (our hip-hop instructor), classes. She has 6 different clubs in Auckland that actively move around. 

But before we knew it, it was time to announce the winning group of the class. I was hoping for us to win, but as I looked around a lot of groups were hoping. It was a very close decision but in the end.. MYSELF & AKANESI WON!!! It was exciting for me because maybe this could be the start of developing a interest in dance! Or not? But we'll see.

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I was so siked for me and Akanesi! Not only did we win the best timing, confidence, and creativity with our choreography but we were able to show our peers, and teacher.

I look forward in taking the free first class with Jasmine... I think it will open more opportunities for me and my future, and maybe start for me to develop a interest with different areas of dance.  
If you were in my position.. What would you have done with the free first class lesson?

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Please leave a comment down below! I look forward in viewing and using your feedback, and feedforward left down below.

Malo Aupito - (Thank You - Tongan Language(

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Filming - Leadership Movie

Image result for tamaki primaryIALT: reflect on what we did during the time we were filming, and what we were doing while editing our leadership movie/music video.

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As you may know in a few weeks the Manaiakalani Film Festival is coming up. This is their 10th anniversary which is really huge, and special. As a member of the leadership team I would like to do something different, special, and thank them in a way no other school can. At first we planned out our scenes, and wrote our lines.. But then as we were conferencing with Miss Aireen, the idea of making a music video. Planning out a song (with appropriate lyrics), and drafting our music video. We used the instrumental of a song featuring JAHBOY, Justin Wellington. The name of this song was.. 'Island Moon'. In listening to this song it really caught my attention, because of the beats and the speed and tempo of the song. This to me was a very productive song... but in order to be able to use this song we needed to all agree on this song as a team. We went through each other and we found that we all agreed. Myself, Ana, Akanesi, Rosemary, and part of Paris drafted the new lyrics. But in the end when we were finished we found that there was no instrumental to this song. So instead of wasting our time on picking and drafting a new song we decided to approach our music teacher. He is currently in the making of the instrumental to this song. But our job is to learn our version of the song.. and perfect our notes, and lines to our best ability.

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Until we have the finished recording, and song the rest of this information around this leadership move/music video is CONFIDENTIAL. So keep up with my blog to be able to hear the finished product, watch our music video.. and also the lyrics or our version to this song.

What are your thoughts?

If you were in my position what would your challenges.. or difficulties be?

Please leave a comment down below !

Muchly Appreciated,

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Maths - Reflection

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IALT: reflect on what we did during Maths.

During maths myself and Demetrius, which is one of my fellow peers in my maths group, known as Number Ninja's accessed the presentation giving us our maths task. Our task was all about..

  • Arm Span
  • Height
  • Dividing them
My job was to measure some of my peer's arm span, and their height. By measuring them I will then record my evidence onto a piece of blank A4 paper. I measured 4 different people..
  • Ana - Y8 Female
  • Akanesi - Y7 Female
  • George - Y7 Male
  • Demetrius - Y7 Male
I measured both their height, and arm span. After completing that part of our Maths task, I was able to see that my next task was all about diving these numbers. Or in maths language.. we had to divide the arm span measurement (in cm), or the person measured by their height.

Now with the learning, After I had listed down their height, and arm span measurements... I then realised my next task to, CREATE. I had to then think about how I would be presented my work, to my classmates, peers, teachers, and most important my blog viewers/readers.

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Before I knew it we were asked to quickly pack up, and settle down for Cybersmarts with Miss Shearing. It was ashamed that I wasn't able to successfully complete this task, as I found it very engaging and interesting! Though I hope to be able to complete this task next time.

My biggest challenge? Was to find the correct measurements of both the client's arm span, and height. I wanted to make sure the evidence being recorded on my paper was all true statements. 

Overall, I believe the reason why it took so long to measure 4 different people was because.. I wanted to make that the information being listed was correct. Though I was able to use the help of some of my peers to help, in measuring and in getting there perspective.

Do you have any thoughts on how I could complete my Maths task, next time?

Please do drop down below and leave a comment behind!

Muchly Appreciated,