Thursday, 31 March 2016

Technology Reflection

This is my Technology reflection which is explaining, all the things we did at Technology!
Take a look... !!

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Wednesday, 30 March 2016

School Values Poster!!!

This is my School Values Poster which is showing, all the meanings of the Tamaki Primary School Values, which are....

  • Ako - Learn
  • Rangimarie - Peace
  • Whanaungatanga - Building Relationships
  • Manaakitanga - Caring for others
  • Tukumarie - Tolerance
Those are our Tamaki Values, and beside them, are the english meanings of them....

This poster is displaying images, of children showing these values... Check it out below....

I hope my poster explains, most things the audience, or the readers of my blog want to be able to understand
The "Tamaki Values"...... does it the "Tamaki Way".... this is what we display at our school to make it a better place... and also to help others feel SAFE and HAPPY!!!
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Hatter Gold - Facts....

This is one of my reading tasks, which is to write down 7 different critical answers what Hatter Gold is about... Please leave some comments below, to help improve more on my work.....

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What is a Strike????

What is a Strike?? Well to find out my meaning towards this word "STRIKE" look below...

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Tamaki Values - Investigate a Country that needs Peace....

This activity we were told to Investigate a country that needs peace...
The country that I decided to write about is... ISIS

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Tamaki Values - When you close your eyes and think of PEACE... what do you see??

For this activity I've decided to create a mini movie, showing what I see when I think of peace...

MINI MOVIE - What can I see when I think of peace????

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Tamaki Values - How can we show Manaakitanga in our library? How can we share it with others?

WALT: explain how we can care for our library and share it with others????
"This is showing "How can we show Manaakitanga in our library"?
"How can we share it with others"?
Check it out below!!

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Tamaki Values... "Some care around our community"!!

This is my activity showing "How we can show some care around community"....
Read along to see what I think about how we should care around our community!!

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Tamaki Values - How can we care for the elderly in our community??

This is my Tamaki Values which is showing one of the main activities we had to complete.
The activity that I have decided, to post is called... 
"How can we care for the elderly in our community".
Below this text you will be able to find my activity...

I hope my ideas include deep thinking, and also interesting, and descriptive words. 
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Monday, 14 March 2016

Current Events - Bloom's Taxonomy

This is my Bloom's Taxonomy and also Current Events.

There is many different articles I could choose from, the article I choose was called "Waiheke Mansion up in flames". This article was very detailed, and also very interesting!!

This shows heaps of activities based on the news article "Waiheke Mansion up in flames"

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Blog Commenting

Hi today I was told to complete a task on Blog Commenting.
Blog Commenting is a task which is you commenting on others blog, like

  • Other School
  • Friends
  • Teachers
I completed my Blog Commenting, which now should help all those people which blog I commented on, improve more and also better on their learning.


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Thursday, 10 March 2016

TECHNOLOGY at Tamaki College!!

TECHNOLOGY at Tamaki College

WALT: explain and reflect on Technology

As we jumped off the bus getting in our 3 groups, we were taken away from our Technology teachers, to our classes.

In my group we learn about 3D, and also 2D shapes.

For our class we are slowly, in the progress of creating a type, of object ... (Necklace, Bracelet...) for anyone, that we choose in the earlier lessons.

One thing I love about Technology at T.C (Tamaki College) is that their are many cool opportunities that we can join in.

Here is my own Technology reflection that I was told to complete as soon as we got into our classrooms (At T.P.S).

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Friday, 4 March 2016

S.E.E Structure

This is my S.E.E Structure which shows my statements towards the Question I was asked.....
WALT: explain why a larger language, can easily take over, smaller language.
Why would the language of a larger or more powerful group take over the language of a smaller group?

Here is my Google Drawing which explains my answer towards the question I was asked.....

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Mind Map - Endangered Languages

This is my Mind Map which is showing why we need Languages in the world??

WALT: explain and also answer "Why we need Language"....

Now as you can see there is a big questions in the centre of the page...

Then around the the questions, there are many text surrounding it, also those are my answers of the question I was asked.

I hope you can understand from my point of view....

I hope you've enjoyed, and please leave a comment below, that you think can help me improve more on my learning!

KWL Chart - Endangered Languages

This is my KWL Chart based on Endangered Languages!!

WALT: explain the 3 main sections in this KWL chart.

This shows 1. What we know, 2. What we want to know, and 3. What we've learnt...

I've tried my hardest to complete this a high standard.....

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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Tuakana Teina Day

Today was Tuakana Teina Day for Tamaki Primary School!

WALT: explain and reflect, on our Tuakana Teina day!!

It was very fun and active today, their were many activities that everybody had a chance to participate in.
We had to do many activities with our buddy classes, like...

  • Make up a secret handshake with your junior student (Practise until you all remember it)
  • Draw a “selfie” of your group. Colour and decorate each member
  • Read a book of your buddies choosing from the library (Don’t forget to talk about the book with them and ask them questions)
  • Practise writing with the chalk outside (Names, numbers 1-10, letters)
  • Teach your buddy a hand game
  • Create some name artwork with all of your names
  • Play hopscotch with your buddy
  • Build something with straws
  • Read the book and words in your buddies book bag
  • Teach your buddy a card game (Memory, go fish, snap)
  • Eat a piece of fruit with your buddy

Here are some photo's below of how fun TUAKANA TEINA day was.

Here also a Video of my groups "Secret Handshake".

Tuakana Teina Day was so AWESOME, I hope you all enjoyed!

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