Thursday, 22 September 2016

What Did I Learn In Maths? Today?

I am learning to share what I learnt in Maths today!

Today in Maths, our Teach (Miss Aireen) was observed today.. in Maths! Miss Pines and also Mrs Sharma, came in and we were all given the same problem. The only thing was 4 parts of the problem needed to solved! So Miss Aireen split the students who were in the Math's lesson while she was being observed into 4 groups. In the problem we had to share...

  • Seven bars between four children
  • (7 divided by 4)
  • Nine bars between 5 children
  • (9 divided by 5)
  • Five Bars between 3 children
  • (5 divided by 3)
  • Eight Bars between 5 children
  • (8 divided by 5
The group I was working in, had the problem to share... 9 bars between 5 children! We used the strategy of.. firstly giving 1 bar to each child.. and because we gave 5 bars.. (9 - 5 = 4) we had 4 bars left over! So to evenly share out the bars between the 5 children.. we spilled the 4 leftover bars in 1/5 each. Then as we were adding the 1/5 of the bars together at the end we were able to come up with a total of 1 whole, and 4/5! I learnt how to divide a problem, where the number of things dived is bigger than the number of people, or things to be divided to! 

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Technology Reflection!

I am learning to reflect on Technology at Tamaki College...

Today was our 2nd week with our "New" Technology groups.  For my group, we are in "Hard Materials". For "Hard Materials" we are completing a "Pewter Necklace"! At first we had to complete a Document, which states who the "Necklace" would be for, and also Why?! We then had to research "Silhouettes", and insert with it images of what the 4 options you put in, with 4 things they like. I've decided to create a "Pewter Necklace" for myself, and it will be carved as an "Music Note". The music note, would symbolise the love, talent and passion I have.. for music itself.  Mr Grundy (Hard Materials Teacher) showed us the process of just the first part! I found finding what I was going to make it carved as very hard, because I had for different options..
  • My Mother
  • My Father
  • Myself
  • My 2nd Oldest Brother
I ended up deciding to make the "Pewter Necklace" for myself! This was our last Technology week, for the rest of Term 3...

Here are some images of "Pewter Necklace"...

Image result for pewter necklaces

Image result for pewter necklaces

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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Water Safety - By Amelia & Losana

WALT: share the knowledge we have about "Water Safety"
This presentation, talks about the Questions.. Myself and Amelia created! The questions also comes along with Answers. Images will be shown as you scroll through the slides! Lastly, the last slide that you will find will be the image, of the POSTER we created together as a team.

Throughout working on this "Inquiry" Assignment I've realised.. Myself and Amelia had observed a stronger connection, and friendship towards each other!

I hope the presentation you will go through, you will find very interesting!

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Loud Shirt Day


On Friday the 23rd of September 2016, Tamaki Primary will be having a "Loud Shirt Day". The "Loud Shirt Day" represents, accepting those who have problems hearing for who they are.  This years theme (2016) is based on Mexican Fiesta, and Animal Blueprint. Luckily we will also be celebrating for the 2 students in our class, who use hearing aids, because of poor hearing! Faith & Falakiko are the 2 student in Room 10, who have hearing problems. The reason why it's called "Loud Shirt Day" is because, It's loud so the deaf people, who have problems hearing.. for them to hear again. To show the support we have to deaf people.. We all bring bright clothing! We mainly celebrate this so everyone can accept the uniqueness of people, who have hearing problems, who are also different to many of us! 

Image result for loud shirt day

Image result for loud shirt day

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Writing - Wonders Beyond Earth

My Writing Story...
"Wonders Beyond Earth"

This story I wrote is titled "Wonders Beyond Earth..."

*Wonders Beyond Earth*
:Wonder Beyond Earth:

Midnight Strikes, Tension Begins! Another night of the moon sharing it’s light upon us, and mysteries yet to come. A stranger walking towards the centre of the moonlight, and thunder strikes, lightning hits and the water blows.. “BOOM”.
The stranger accepts being known as “UNKNOWN”,  as she scans her where abouts with, intimidation.. her human body, transforms into an furious creature never been discovered in the earth galaxy!!! Her anger begins to reach the highest, temperature a human could ever reach.. As hot as the sun and as bright as the CHERRY!!! As she walks by the all the branches with CONFUSION hitting her mind, and as she walks from the corner of her eye, the only thing she can spot, is the long trees growing taller and taller. The only way to heal her, was for the sun to set, and moon to disappear!11.00 pm… and 1 hours till dawn hits, and the beast hasn’t changed a bit, after an approximate amount of 20 minutes a man, strolls by and as he strolls the bulky beast, smells blood and slowly creeps behind him! Then, as he stops for a rest.. 1, 2, 3 she leaps up behind attacks him, and he tries to defend himself but his power isn’t any good, compared to hers. The fight went on for quite a while and with only 2-3 minutes left till she transforms, the beasts, disgusting long nails was able to reach the innocent man’s neck and yet she’s about to scratch but 3, 2, 1… “BOOM” she transforms into the beautiful human body again! The man stood as still as a statue, with nothing on his face but shock. She (Unknown) tries to explain to him, but all she did was “MUMBLE” until he found his way to his feet, and ran for him life!! She ran and tried to stop him… He then tripped and she said “Please don’t be afraid” and he stopped and replied.. “B-b-but y-you were S-s-scary” with a horrified voice! She explained everything to him and, he was then calmed with 38 minutes! He explained how safer it would have been if she would of went to someone, helpful! She agreed to go but on conditions and they both agreed! As she went to see someone they were amazed, with what she transformed into but she was able to be treated… they realised why she was like that, and was able to heal her forever! She realised that hurting people wasn’t what was the good for the world, and changed for the better of herself.

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Assembly Reflection

Today we had a Role Model, Tamaki Primary School.. Assembly! We were luckily enough to meet one of the cyclist, who competed in Rio Olympics, 2016... I had the honour of Hosting the Assembly with another Student Leader, "Gary". Myron Simpson was our lucky guest.. he brought in his special bike.. that he rides on the track, his amazing helmet, and also the gear he wears. He talked about his top 5 favourite countries/and cities...

  • Italy
  • Spain
  • New Zealand
  • Brazil (Rio)
  • France
He was also talking about how he had the opportunity of meeting "Lisa Carrington" while, he was in Brazil, Rio! He talked about how he was very lucky to meet the first female, to win 2 metals (Bronze, & Silver) in one sport. He also told us about how he was able to meet the, former All Black Captain.. "Richie Mccaw". To have a special Olympic Athlete, (Cyclist) (Myron Simpson) to visit our School while we had a "Role Model" assembly! Lastly we had a Duffy Assembly, and all the children who were given a "Caught being good" award, had the honour of choosing a book, that was given to the school as gifts to those children!

Images related to the Assembly...

Image result for myron simpson

Image result for myron simpson

Image result for richie mccaw

Image result for Lisa carrington

Image result for duffy books

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