Wednesday, 31 May 2017

💻Video Storyboard - Cybersmarts 💻

IALT: reflect and talk about the task we did during our Cybersmart lesson with Miss Shearing.

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On Tuesday morning, Miss Shearing came in and talked about cybersmarts. We talked about   things like, blog posts, what makes them quality, why makes them attractive but one thing I am really looking forward to working on/completing is the task she gave us to make a type of movie, song, rap anything about "What makes a good quality blogpost". So I've formed a group of 4 people including myself they are...

  • Losana (Me)
  • Akanesi
  • Ana
  • Leilani
We've planned out that we will be making a movie based on not only our 4 perspectives or views on what makes a good quality blog post but also some of the viewpoints of the year 8 students @ TPS. We've started out writing our script but were still in the drafting zone. All that we have for sure is that it is going to be set. filmed or record as if it was the news. We've came up with the name "School News". So we're just 4 people who formed a news group show casing to others 1 topic but heaps of different others perspective. So for example the subject or the topic could be "If chicken is tasty or not & Why?" Well we would go around Tamaki Primary, asking them for their opinions then streaming it live or showing it to another, where they can then develop new knowledge about why people might find it tasty or not and also why? Not only that but were hear to help people understand the understandings of others, or the reasons of others disagreements.

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What do you think about what we've planned and what were working with so far?

Please leave a comment below, with your thoughts of what a good quality blog post looks like and maybe we'll use it as a screenshot of evidence and also a image to showcase in our movie!

Thanks for viewing... 😊

💓World's Longest Hug💓

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IALT: reflect on an article mainly about the World's Longest Hug.

After reading an article I've been able to develop new knowledge about how a new record for the World's Longest Hug had been set. This was set in the location of Thailand. 26 Couples participated in this event and was able to last 26 Hours, 26 Minutes, and also 26 Minutes. The aim of this was to stay wrapped to your partner for as long as possible. It also states in the article that every 1 hour they would be given 5 minutes to rest for safety and health related reasons of course. 

I believe this was an amazing challenge and for me I find that this is an impossible challenge or record to be beaten unless you want a challenge! Going for 1 Day (24hours), 2 hours, and 26 minutes with a total of 130 minutes of break/rest for 5 minutes per hour... Was unbelieveable.

Personally I wouldn't attempt this challenge because in my mind I find that my longest hug was 5-10 minutes! And it wasn't even near reaching 1 hour so therefore maybe this could be a extreme challenge for me that I could work on in the future.

Here is the original article for those blog viewers who would like to access it... :) 
Click the EMOJI to access the original article... ⇢😅

In this task I found reflecting about this task hard.. Mostly because usually I'm use to writing about going through something physically, for example what I did on the weekend, or a job I've done but I'm getting into the habit of reflecting on articles.. and I;m still open and alert for any feedback.

What do you think about this article? & Would you think you could complete the impossible by trying to break this challenge?

Please leave a comment below with feedback, feedforward and any necessary suggestions on how you think I coulf improve more in and around the areas of my learning.

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🍬That Sugar Film - Part.3 🍬

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IALT: reflect on completing the task based on the documentary "That Sugar Film".

Today room 9 and room 10 watched another part of the documentary of "That Sugar Film". This film, or documentary is based on man who hadn't eaten sugar for a long period of time, until deciding to see how his body would affect to all the sugar.. if he had eaten 40 tsp of sugar through food and sugar, daily for the next 60 days. This documentary is very long so in order to keep up from BOREDOM our 2 wonderful Kia Manawanui teachers (Ms Komor, Ms Kyla) decided to break the movie up into a sensible number of sections. After we watch each section we do follow up task(s) by answering and inserting images, answers, and questions about our opinion on what section of the film or documentary we watched. 

After watching Part.3 I worked through the follow up question given with Ana! It was hard for me because remembering some of the main parts of the movie wasn't a easy task for me but after having great deep discussions with Ana we were able to work through our challenges and reach appropriate understandings.

Something I enjoyed about doing this task was that I was able to realise how much sugar and how unhealthy I can be at times. I also was able to realize that I can make a change in the types of healthy and unhealthy foods I eat therefore, next time eating something sugary I have the ability  to change my food choices. 

A challenge I found was calculating the sugary foods or the sugar I've eaten from the last few weeks... but after realising and really thinking about it I was able to realize each day it is a huge possibility that I could've eaten 30-40 teaspoons of sugar daily all from last week!!

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What do you think or what are your thoughts on this?

Please leave a comment below... and thank you for viewing!!
Many Thanks.. :)

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

🍊 Foods From Animals/Plants 🍊

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IALT: reflect and blog about how me, Akanesi, & my reading buddy (Prophecy) came up with foods from animals and plants.

Today room 9 had reading buddies, or buddy class. Our task was to talk with our buddies about the different types of food animals, and plants provide for us. When we were talking it was really obvious that room 3 had been talking and learning about this topic for a while, because Prophecy had a lot of interesting idea's. I worked with Akanesi also, because her buddy (Jannet) was absent or away today. At first we went from talking and listing ideas one by one, to creating a Google Drawing listing words, images, and all the healthy and unhealthy foods that animals, and plants provide for us.

Here is all the unhealthy and healthy foods we came up with that plants and animals help provide for us... :) 

I really enjoyed learning and working with our buddies from room 3, One reason was because WE both got to share our knowledge on the foods animals and plants provide for us. Which is one of our school values "Ako", learning from each other and one another. Not only getting to share your idea's but also getting fresh knowledge on another's perspective.

Next time I would really like to get my buddy to work digitally more. For example maybe he could list down the foods, or insert the images that way he/she is doing more than just giving idea's..!!!

What are some food that animals and plants provide for us in your perspective?

Please comment below FEEDBACK/FEEDFORWARD, to help me improve more on my knowledge based on foods that animals and plants provide for us.

Thanks for viewing... :)

Monday, 29 May 2017

🏎️Car Vending Machine🏎️

IALT: reflect on an article I read about based on Car Vending Machines.

WOW! And I thought that getting food out of vending machines were cool but now not really... Why? Because after reading about this article replacing food, bars, and drinks are now real life sized cars!!! I know right how CRAZY, from just a press of button you have access to view whatever car they have in this vending machine. This awesome car vending machine is located in Singapore. According to the article I read it states that the types of cars they have are...

  • 2014 McLaren 650s
  •  2012 Lamborghini Aventador
  • 1955 Morgan Plus 4
A number of...

  • Ferrari models
  • Bentley models
  •  Porsche models
They say this vending machine has very close similarities to the type that can offer and give you food, drinks, junk, & also snacks. It is a 15 storied building, as I said before located or found in Singapore and also the largest vending machine in the WORLD!!! Shocking right, Imagine if you owned this vending machine, or even had the chance to view or play around with it!! 

What are your thoughts on this article??

Because I think this is an awesome idea. But hopefully no attempts of robberies, or no negative people aim to hurt, destroy or shatter this building along with the priceless cars in this so called "Car Vending Machine". According to the image I can see that are 30 different modeled cars in their! Which mean the people that have been their have the choice to look, or view to see 30 different choices of cars to view.

In this article I found writing about all the different types of car models that were in this "Car Vending Machine". 

Next time I read an article related to vending machines, or cars, or even maybe another made vending machine I would like to write about how it could relate to my family. The reason for this is because my dad and hs younger brother grew up with a lot of different cars, and therefore I grew up with a lot of cars surrounding me!! And now my dad has 2 Ford V8's (Cars), and 1 Ford Explorer (V8). Along with his brother which has scored himself a MUSTANG!

Please comment below how this article in any way can relate to you, your family, past, or even how it could affect or relate to your future.

Thanks for viewing...!

÷ Maths - Using all 4 Operations ÷

IALT: reflect on part of the Maths task I completed with my peer(s)!

Today I worked with Leilani more on our Maths task. With ALL problems given we had to solve them using all 4 operations.. which mean from Subtraction, Multiplication, Addition all the way to Division. This challenged my knowledge because I wasn't sure about a majority of the the problems but after working with Leilani I was able to understand her point, and from her perspective I was able to create my own. We worked on 5-6 different problems, and I'm here to ask for you feedback on some of the problems that are still unsolved.

After working on this task it has helped me realize when you get another's perspective it can help you in a lot of different area's and ways. I also realized maybe next time when I'm stuck I can get not only 1 perspective from my peers but a majority of them (2-3).

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Here is our Maths:

  1. Ari was ordering 4 tickets for a concert .He multiplied the ticket price payed by four and added on the Booking Fee of $6.He got $70.How much did one ticket cost?
Answer: $14 because 6 x 4 = 24 and 24 - 70 = 46

46 ÷ 4 = 14 so one ticket is $14

2. Sam bought Three Identical watches.He paid a total of $90.The watch had a $5 discount.How much was each watch before the discount was taken off?
Answer:30 because the question says how much was each watch before the discount was taken off

3. Indira bought 85 meters of ribbon to sew around the bottom of the dance skirts.She used 13m for her own skirt.
Six girls in her dance class shared the rest equally.
What length of ribbon did the each get?
Answer: 12 meters because 85 - 13 = 72  and 72 ÷ 6 equals 12. I took 13 away from the 85 because Indira used it which left us with 72.

4.  Petra works in a bakery.
It takes 26 minutes to make a batch of scone and 39 minutes to make 4 plates of filled rolls.How long will it take for Petra to make 4 batches of scones and 16 plates of filled rolls?
Answer: It will take petrea 104 minutes to make 4 batches of scones because if it takes her 26 minutes to make one you write 26 x 4 because you want 4 batches which equals 104.

It will take Petra 156 minutes to make 16 plates of because if she can make 4 plates of rolls in 39 minutes you multiply 39 by 4 because since 4 x 4 equals 16.Then you get the answer 156.

5. Hirini built some steps up the hill to the Marae. There were 96 steps all together. They went up in groups of six with the landing between. How many landings would their be if their was a landing at the bottom and the top? 16 x 6 = 96, 96 ÷ 6 = 16,

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Something that really challenged me was questions  with a whole lot of different numbers, from 17, to 5, and even 22. But after getting help to help ME more, I was able to lead them into my own words, my own perspective, and also my own personal understanding.

In maths, something I think I could improve on next time was not just getting one of my peers understandings, or perspectives but also my teachers, or peers and classmates from other classrooms.

What are your thoughts on our maths task? DO you have any feedback that can help us solve more of these types of problems, along with your own personal educational understandings?

Please comment below...
Thank for viewing... :)