Saturday, 8 July 2017

๐Ÿ’ฆ Animal Adoption - Winter Learning Journey ๐Ÿ’ฆ

IALT: adopt and describe an animal's habitat, diet, and which types of animals could threaten to eat them!

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New Challenge, New Knowledge! I was given a link that lend me HERE.. from there I was asked to pick an animal that was shown to adopt. With adopting an animal comes with knowing things based upon that animals for example..
  • Whether it is a mammal or not?
  • Where they live...
  • What they eat?
  • Animals that might want to eat them!
I went with the option that really stood out to me which was the Great Spotted Kiwi. I picked this mammal because it was a type of Kiwi I haven't heard off locally.

After picking the animal I would adopt came in researching, and finding out things such as their homes and all as I have mentioned above!

With usual tasks I mainly find them challenging. If I were to pick the part I found the most difficult would have to be the researching. With me knowledge about some animals aren't things I know off the top of my head! But after using Google and Social Media Networks to help me in completing this, I found it much more easier.

Are you familiar with a Great Spotted Kiwi?

Please leave a comment down below with feedback, feedforward and personal advice for me to use in the future!

Kind Regards,
- Your Blogger Losana...


Nicky Bloy said...

Hi Losana,

It's awesome that you chose the Kiwi because you hadn't heard of it locally, which hopefully means you have learned something new about NZ's native kiwi!

I have actually never seen a Great Spotted Kiwi either but I have seen Brown Kiwi's at the zoo.

I'm interested to know... what would you call your adopted Kiwi?

Nicky :)

Losana said...

Kia Ora Nicky,
In my choice of naming my Spotted Kiwi, I would have to call it... Kakariki. I picked this name firstly, because as you shall know the Kiwi is a Native New Zealand animal, and with New Zealand it's main culture is Te Reo Maori which is why I picked a Maori name. Secondly, Kakariki is the Maori name for the colour Green. The kiwi seems to consistently surround itself around nature, for example trees, bushes, and many more things that are green. I wanted to give my Kiwi a reasonable, and understandable name!
Kind Regards,
- Losana

Nicky Bloy said...

Hey Losana!

Wow! I think that is a beautiful name for your Kiwi. What a wonderful description - thank you for sharing and really putting thought into it!

I can tell you'll put just as much effort into looking after Kakariki as you did naming him - he will love being yours!


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