Tuesday, 11 July 2017

๐Ÿ’ฌ Positive Feedback - Winter Learning Journey ๐Ÿ’ฌ

IALT: post helpful, supportive, and relational comments on my peers blogs who are currently particapating in the Winter Learning Journey.

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In designing a flag you have to deeply describe it, think about what represents what, and also complete it to the best of your ability! In saying this I have come across a phenomenal blog post that deserved to commented on. As a individual that has completed tasks, my next challenge with a new page of the same chapter is to leave helpful comments for my peers completing the Winter Learning Journey. Akanesi, is a year 7 female, who attends Tamaki Primary. Personally, myself and Akanesi have been good friends for quite a while and peers... as we are in the same classroom.

To help out Akanesi in her Learning Journey.. Check out her blog below,

In her blog post I found it not only talked about the flag but also her challenges. I seem to always write about my challenges. I explain my challenges to see how my audience can help, or to see what me and my audience have in common.

Akanesi's very own Aotearoa New Zealand flag design.

From laying my eyes on this creation, I was completely engaged. I could tell this design was going to be good. And you never know, maybe this could be the next flag to design, or represent Aotearoa New Zealand?!

The main purpose in me publishing this comment was to give, feedforward and feedback. In my view I think I was able to successfully accomplish that step of this journey. I look forward in seeing Akanesi's future blog posts.

My next steps in blog commenting, is to be able to understand the text in reading a short amount of sentences. With being a good blogger, comes with having a creative mind in finding new ways to draw attention to your blog post, or to more viewers.

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How about you take a go in designing your own flag, representing Aotearoa. An example is Akanesi's flag, posted above. To check out her original blog post in posting about her flag CLICK HERE!

Hope to see your comments down below, Thank you for viewing!

Muchly Appreciated,
- Your Blog Commenter Losana..


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