Tuesday, 4 July 2017

🌫️ Morning Church Preparation! 🌫️

IALT: prepare myself for morning church!

As a part of the Free Church Of Tonga, one of our priorities are to attend church services. In my church we have services sometimes at 12 noon, or 6 evening, even 6 in the morning! And for this whole week throughout Monday to Friday there will be  services a daily. 1 service at 6 AM in the morning, while the other service will be at 6PM evening. At times with us it could be a mission getting up for early as church services, espically on a late and tired night... But with Jesus crucifying his life for our own it is only fair to give him a little bit of our time after we him more than our lives.

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As a start of trying to make this easier for me I will now try to take early nights in, rather than late night! And to avoid getting in trouble for unfinished work, I have to make sure all my work is complete before going to bed!

A challenge this morning was getting up! I was blogging and finishing so many things last night I lost track of time! But luckily I was able to find my way up and dress for church! Afterall, for it being 5.35AM on the dot it isn't so cold.

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What are your thoughts on this? How else do you think I can improve?

Please leave a comment down below and I look forward in using and viewing your comments in the future.

Many Thanks!


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