Monday, 3 July 2017

🍾Bathing With Coca Cola? Weird? Or Misunderstood? 🍾

IALT: investigate why someone would take a bath in a pool of Coca Cola?!

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After watching a very odd, and disturbing video I've been able to find 1 human being on this very planet that would rather spend his time buying thousands of coca cola bottles, and pouring them into a pool than to spend time learning new things and educating themselves! This insane human being spent thousands of hours purchasing, and pouring bottles of Coca Cola into a pool to create this historic moment for himself. After watching, and reading a short description of this article they see this as the magnificent Coca Cola pool.

If you would like to view the video for yourself click HERE and you shall be leaded their!

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My thoughts on this is on simple thought! It was a waste of ridiculous time. INstead of finding something useful to do such as reading, or helping out young ones with their education he decides to buy Coca Cola, and spend time filling up a pool.

My next step in this learning journey it to try and identify more people doing things like this such as for example, filling up a pool of Coca Cola, or washing a car with cinnamon and much more crazy things I would never do (Well, maybe?!)

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Would you ever do something like this? & Why?

Please leave a comment down below and I look forward in viewing, and using them in the future!

Many Thanks.


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