Saturday, 8 July 2017

๐Ÿ›ฅ️ 16 Year Female Sailed Around The World (Questions) - Winter Learning Journey ๐Ÿ›ฅ️

IALT: invent 5 different questions in relation to how Laura Dekker individually sailed the world.

Did you know a single female at the age of 16 sailed the world in 518 days independently? Well, neither did I but after reading more of this tasks given my more of knowledge on sailing was increased. Laura Dekker, was only 16 but yet she was so passionate she was able to achieve sailing the world alone. I had to imagine that I was giving her an interview therefore I invented 5 original questions using my own content, and tried my best in thinking about Laura and her experince to match the questions I would come up with.

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With this task, by using Google Drawing - A Google Drive Application.. I created a DLO of what the questions are for, and a list of the questions itself. 

My theme was different shades of blue. The reason behind by theme being shades of blue was because I wanted for my DLO to relate to the topic I am talking about. For example, to give my audience a much clearer understanding since I was writing about sailing (mainly), I decided to go with blue because, blue is the ocean's main colour, and as we sail, we sail across the ocean!

The challenges in this task? Well, with task it clashed with a lot of my strengths in learning. For example I find that I am a great question creator, video watcher/listener and information researcher. Which was lucky for me because in this task it was mainly about reading information, watching video(s), and also inventing my own original questions using my own content.

For you to try understand my view in part of completing this task, access the video for yourself! Click HERE!

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How do you think I can improve on completing more tasks similar to this?

Please leave a comment in relation to this task below! I look forward in viewing your positive, and helpful comments!

Your Winter Learning Journey Blogger,
- Losana... :)


Nicky Bloy said...

Hey Losana,

This has to be a life-changing experience. I wonder how her life has changed since starting this adventure... Your questions would definitely provoke some interesting answers that I'd like to know too!

I love how you have made your DLO blue to represent the blue ocean!

Well done Losana!

Nicky :)

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