Tuesday, 25 July 2017

👍Kiwi Can Reflection - Resilience & Emotions 👍

IALT: show and understand in my own perspective the definition of Resilience.

Kiwi Can Says... Let's talk about Resilience. So, in today's lesson was about a mixture of 2 main topics. Resilience and Emotions. Our lesson plan was simple, firstly we had to share our own personal understanding, and knowledge about what Resilience means to ourself. In my opinion what I see Resilience as in my own words is that it means always doing things to the best of your ability, and never being that person who easily gives up. We shared a lot of great idea's that helped comfort me in particapating, and taking part more. By sharing our ideas with one another I was able to find myself to set a goal in relation to Resilience. The goal I had set was to try best in showing Resilience everywhere I go. By accomplishing this goal will help me to also leave better example in different places (consistency).

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Now, onto Emotions. With emotions we started of by separating ourselves into 4 different groups. In these different groups we were secretly given a emotion. In your group you had to imagine you were in a band with no sound. At first I thought this was silly, but as we got more deeper into the activity I found it entertaining and fun at the same time. The first emotion my group was given was Depression. The kiwi can instructors would then play a instrumental song or a song, and as they played the group would play along. Going deeper into the topic of Emotions, we then started listing them. For example...
  • Depression
  • Excitement
  • Joy
  • Sad
  • Happy
And much more. Then before I knew it the lesson was over and it was time for class.

The one thing I learnt overall during this lesson was... to understand the definition of Resilience to my peers and also my friends.

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I look forward to the future Kiwi Can lessons we have based on Resilience. I hope I can begin to learn and develop more as I shall become more involved with these discussions. 

What does Resilience mean to you?
Do you value other people's feelings/emotions?

Please leave a comment down below...
I'll get back to you at any available time!

Muchly Appreciated!


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