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🌤️What do I find relaxing? - Winter Learning Journey 🌤️

IALT: deeply reflect on what I find relaxing...

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What do I find relaxing? A majority of things actually.. but even at the worst times with me the most stress free and relaxing times are with my closet, most trustworthy, and truthful friends. I can rely on them to give me their honest thoughts, surrport in making the right decisions, and help find myself in my journey of life. With having my closest friends, are seeing them as family.. They're like my second family... Always have time for me, and always prepared to catch what I throw at them. (E.G arguments, debates, fights, rumors...). In this task to help for us to understand and follow by example better Laura provided us an example of herself.

Laura's content:
"On your blog, post a picture of yourself doing something relaxing. I find reading really relaxing. Here is a picture of me reading one of my favourite books!"

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Anyways, here is what I created for this task...
My main goal in this task was to keep my content short, and original. Instead of writing pages and pages of unnecessary things, I wanted for mine to get straight to the point,

The main reason I choose to write about how I find spending friend time relaxing is because in the 2 terms we have spent as friend (Myself, Ana, Akanesi, Metui..) they have proved to me through their actions they are reliable friends I can count on.

What is your most relaxing thing to do?

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Please leave a comment down below, and share with us your thoughts on my blog post, and how I can improve more next time... :)

Muchly Appreciated,
Your Blogger Losana...


Nicky Bloy said...


This is a really lovely post about what relaxes you.. I'm so pleased that you surround yourself with such great friends who really care about you and positively influence you. (I think it is really sad when people surround themselves with the wrong friends and end up making bad decision because of it!)

This sounds really similar to me! I find the thing that relaxes me the most is spending time with my friends. Like you, I choose my friends wisely and so when I spend time with them, it is aways enjoyable and we build each other up! We like watching movies together, going for walks, going out for dinner and most of all, having a laugh together!

Nicky :)

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