Saturday, 8 July 2017

🌴Lost But Then Found (Story Writing) - Winter Learning Journey 🌴

IALT: imagine I was suck in a forest alone, and to also put my writing skills into action.

My next step in completing new tasks was.. writing a story about how I was left alone in the forest but a group of people who accompanied me to the forest. I tried my best in completing this task to the best of my ability. As I was writing I formed an image in my head of the words and the stories I was writing. The main purpose of me writing this story had to mainly be because I wanted to think of all the things that could happen in actual, real life, reality. And for me to also think about what I could do, if I was stuck in a situation like this!

My main challenge was thinking of my story line. Before writing I always plan the direction my story would head in. For example I would firstly think about the characters, to all the different places, and back to the problem and problem solving.

The most enjoyable part of me completing this task was watching my outline plan come as one. With forming different area's of the story and watching them become a perfect fit in together, made me feel as if the story was really true.

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How do you think I can find my challenges less of a struggle?

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Kind Regards,
- Losana.... :)


cherise said...

Wow Losana
I think that you are very smart for doing so, How do you think I can find my challenges less of a struggle?, I think just stay positive and keep telling yourself your not alone

Nicky Bloy said...

Hey Losana,

What a cool story! As I was reading, I felt like I was watching a movie. I especially enjoyed the part where you used your climbing skills to get to the top of the mountain, wave you hands and attract a helicopter who then came to your rescue! What a great way to end your story.

Nice work Losana!

Nicky :)

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