Sunday, 9 July 2017

✨ Keeping Your Neighbourhood Clean - Winter Learning Journey ✨

IALT: create 3 easy tips on how you can keep your neighbourhood spotless.

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Hmmm? If you were to think of 3 different ways in keeping your neighbourhood clean, what would they be? Because as being given a new task, comes with new knowledge. For example at first it was difficult for me to think of 3 tips on keeping your neighbourhood clean but then as I imagined I wanted advice from myself it made it easier. I basically just had to think about what my neighbourhood would do. To surrport what I am saying, and for my tips or message to be heard I wanted to put it into a more engaging form of presentation. So then it struck me, a DLO of a poster showing my 3 tips, along with images to back them up so I went for it..

By using these steps you will that you have a clean and healthy neighbourhood. Maybe even try using these tips in you local environment, or community.

My main challenge was thinking about how NOT using these tips could affect me. I would have an dirty, and unhealthy environment causing illness, and yuck bugs.

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In using these tips how could they help or change the way you live?

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Muchly Appreciated...
- Your Local Blogger Losana,


Nicky Bloy said...

Hey Losana,

I love that you have thought about 3 things that every person can achieve! If everyone did all those things consistently, we would have a much cleaner and greener environment!

I love that you have put it in a DLO/poster... Maybe it could be used in your neighbourhood, you could put it up around your area to help people understand how they can help?!

Nicky :)

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