Monday, 3 July 2017

📵Smartphone Zombies? Put Into Action...! 📵

IALT: reflect on how a new sign in Korea was put up saying.. Smartphone Zombies.

The capital city of South Korea, Seoul, is installing 300 new street signs to warn pedestrians about the dangers of walking while engaged in their smartphones. By this what I am trying to say is that they think that smartphone are a distraction, and with them being a distraction while being on the main road it could cause for them to walk into a driving car, or injuring themselves. The first signs have been installed at five different locations in the hope that they’ll stop smartphone zombies in their tracks. But while some signs are attached to traffic light poles, others have been plastered onto pavements in order to attract the lowered gaze of those distracted by their gadgets. But some locals aren’t sure that signage is the solution. One man points out is that most people who are peering at their phones on the street aren’t going to be able to see them but with a little hope they might be able to enforce this warning. Korea’s Transportation Safety Authority recorded more than 1,000 smartphone-related traffic collisions in 2014, compared to 437 along with a bunch of incidents in 200.
My own personal thoughts on this article is that people are looking out for others safety. For example some could be too busy in looking at the latest facebook trend, or looking at snapchats new update than being aware of what could happen on the road itself. A lot of serious incidents have happened in the previous years but with this warning I believe it will help stop for these things not to happen so often.
With this my next steps in learning are to find the percentage of accidents like this in other countries. By doing this it will help to lead me in the direction of comparing and finding the most common country that have these accidents! Then stating what my thoughts are on how they can avoid things like this.
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Can you believe that some people in this world are too busy on social media than to check for their own personal safety? Are you one of those people?
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