Monday, 3 July 2017

📝Quad Blogging - Aaliyah @ Saint Puis X 📝

IALT: supportively leave comment with positive feed forward, and feedback on my Quad Blogging buddies blog!

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Today I deiced to leave a comment on one of my Quad Blogging Buddies blogs.. Aaliyah from Saint Puis X. The blog post  read about was a DLO she had created of her Garden Idea(s) for her school. She talked about the things she thinks her school garden needs. The 2 main idea's or slides I found in her DLO of a Google Drive Application - Google Presentation were..
  • Why do Danvers Carrots need?
  • What does Leaf Lettuce need?
I find her presentation engaging in various ways but I did find things she could improve on next time which you will find as you view and read my comment!

Here is a screenshot of the DLO she created using Google Presentation!

And also here is a screenshot of the comment I made on her blog...

As I was blog commenting I found a difficulty which was trying to spot her challenges in completing this task for me to leave feedback. But gratefully I was able to find things she could improve on next time!

The one thing I found very enjoyable and fun was having the ability to understand her view. I felt as if the feedback I was giving her was easy but one step at a time! 

What are your thoughts on how I could improve more when it comes to blog commenting? 

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Please leave me a comment down below, but if you would like to leave Aaliyah a comment feel free to by clicking HERE!

Thanks for viewing... :)


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