Monday, 3 July 2017

๐ŸŒจ️The Flying Hammock? Or Relaxation Flying Drone? ๐ŸŒจ️

IALT: reflect on how a new creation was brought to life in combining drones, and also a hammock as one.

Imagine a flying hammock?! It wouldn't be an ordinary one right! If anything it would be relaxation and flying high as one! As this creation I discovered and brought to life the genius behind this is thanked a lot. But their maybe some difficulties with this! Not only am I able to view the positive and the cool sides of this creation but I have the ability to see and discover some of the negative effects this creation will have. For example the drones could malfunction, and the hammock could fall dropping you down in a deep, hard, destination causing serious injuries or even leading up to more as in DEATH! Though I do think this was a creative idea but one question I have that is shouting out to me is if it is... SAFE? I mean like can it be trusted with a human beings life?, or does their need to always be a plan B but in my thoughts having a plan B is always a good idea for back up, but I wish this creation the very best!

Viewing a video of this amazing creation/discovery click HERE as it may guide you to the original page it was found from.

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My thoughts is this is an very amazing creation! But back to the learning part, my next step is to research the negative causes, to warn those who consider going on this what could be at risk! Though it may be nothing, I still think warnings are a sign of caring for those who live on our planet earth!

The main ejoyable part I found fun to go through was watching the drone hammock in action! It was amazing, though I still have my concerns!

Do you have any concerns on this Drone Hammock? & Why?

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Please leave down your thoughts, feedback, and also feedforward for me to view and use in the future, as I shall be blogging more and more.

Thanks for viewing!


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