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๐ŸŒŸ The Matariki Rising - Winter Learning Journey ๐ŸŒŸ

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IALT: give 3 choices of celebrations around Matariki, (Reminders, & Great Celebration Remembrance). 

As I was scrolling through the Winter Learning Journey document, I wanted to make sure I was completing all the tasks I should have been. Knowing me, I could have accidently scrolled to fast by one, missing it, and not completing the task. Luckily as I was scrolling through I had my blog opened on another tab. In the middle of the tasks I should completed was a task I didn't find familiar in completing. I was able to find that the task I didn't complete was in relation to Matariki, so I opened up a new tab finding my way in completing this task.

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Under my learning intention, you will find that I have provided for my audience to view, read through, and think of feedback and feedforward for me to use. In the blue text box is all my choices listed from 1, to 3. In the light Golden text box is all about how or what lighting up fireworks bring to you. And so on.. on the other 2 different coloured text boxes are just things what this celebration does for you itself.

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My biggest challenge while completing this task was picking my 3 different celebrations. There were so many to pick from, but to make it easier I decided to think as if this was a task similar to the All Blacks Haka. I imagined that I had to pick 3, just not rate. I went with my gut in the end and found I made the right choice.


If you were to choose 3 different Matariki celebrations that bring great celebration, and remembrance on what Matariki is, What would they be? 

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My next steps in learning around the topic of Matariki is to.. find out what my family's thoughts are on Matariki. Though we maybe a pacific islander family, I still think with living in Aotearoa New Zealand, having Te Reo Maori as one of the main cultures, we should embrace it! As we are living around it.

Please leave a comment down below for me to view in the future...

Gratefully Acknowledged,
Your Blogger Losana.... :)


Lusia Pahulu said...

Hi Losana,
My name is Lusia and i'm a year 8 student/head Girl from St Pius X Catholic School. I went through your posts! Wow!!! Amazing posts Losana! You are such a great blogger! Keep it up!

Lusia Pahulu

Losana said...

Thank you so much Lusia. It's so great to see how I can get along with my peers from other schools online.
Kind Regards,
- Losana

Nicky Bloy said...

Hey Losana!

I love your final thought about embracing Maori culture even as a Pacific Islander family. I come from a Pakeha/Europen family and I also see the importance of celebrating Maori culture in New Zealand.

I would probably go to the Matariki lecture to learn more about Matariki, watch the Matariki Fireworks and watch the Kaumatua Kapahaka!

Nicky :)

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