Saturday, 8 July 2017

🐬I Stand For The Hector Dolphins - Winter Learning Journey 🐬

IALT: explain my opinion on whether fishing should still continue in Farewell Spit though it may cause death for the few Hector Dolphins we have left.

With Hector Dolphins only being found in the waters and water areas of New Zealand, I think we should care and protect those Hector Dolphins we have left. After reading about how many deaths of Hector Dolphins are caused by fishing nets I have decided that I will stand against the idea of fishing in space where Hector Dolphins ly. 

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In creating a DLO I have come to a clear understanding in what I agree with, and I have also made a short summary of the text in my own original content.

My biggest challenge in completing this task was standing my ground! By this I mean coming to a final understanding on what side I agree with! Either fishing to feed, to Hector Dolphins to survive? But after reading about the fewer Hector Dolphins we have left I have found that the lives of the Dolphins are far more important than the many fish out in the sea.

Would you either choose to save fish to feed, or dolphins to live?

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Please leave a comment down below, for me to view, read, and use in my future educational blog posts.

Kind Regards,
- Winter Learning Journey Blogger Losana...


cherise said...

Hi there Losana
I agree and love the things you have shown in your activity, Would you either choose to save fish to feed, or dolphins to live? I think I would save dolphins to live because they are beautiful creatures that deserve to live pretty much
Nice work again

Nicky Bloy said...

Hey Losana,

I love that you are ending all of your posts with a questions for your readers, as it gives them an opportunity to get involved with your blogging and encourages participation in blogging.

I would definitely choose to save the Hecor dolphins than go fishing as there are so many other great places for fishing which are just as good, and where there is no danger of harm!

Nicky :)

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