Saturday, 8 July 2017

🐀Possums To Kill Or To Live? - Winter Learning Journey 🐀

IALT: give in my opinion of whether I think possums should be captured and killed all over New Zealand.

As I was reading through facts I was putting together my knowledge on whether I agree or disagree with possums all around New Zealand being killed. As I have read some other students who are completing this task too, I have found they are most likely to agree. Mainly because possums are killing our natural world. But... With reading about the facts given to me to read I stand against this. Though it is New Zealand's goal to assassinate all possums before the year of 2050, I stand against it.

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In my eyes, I see possums as innocent animals. They didn't bring themselves here, other people did. And they don't mean for them to kill nature, they mean for them to stay alive which is something a majority of us would do!

Do you think all possums in New Zealand should be killed or given a chance?

Please leave a comment down below of your thoughts on this!

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cherise said...

Hi losana, My name is Cherise and I am a student from GBS.
I totally Agree with your reasoning I myself said on my blog we should just let them be.
Great Work

Nicky Bloy said...

Hey Losana,

Yours is the first post I have read that has been against getting rid of possums. So I can tell you have done your research and formed an opinion based on what you have found out which we really appreciate!

I grew up on a farm in Kapiti, near wellington and we went possum hunting all the time. So I know that possums are a pest causing problems all around NZ which is unfortunate and are being killed off. However, your blog is really informative and I agree that they shouldn't have been brought in initially, especially if they were known to be pests. And they are simply animals living how they know to live!

Well done on the quality of your tasks so far... I am really impressed!!

Nicky :)

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