Monday, 3 July 2017

🇲Free Fun Monday! - Reflection 🇲

IALT: change up the activities we do while being at Free Fun Monday.

As you may or may not know instead of Zumba Monday Metui, Ana and myself have changed this into Free Fun Monday! The reason us changing this around is to draw new attention than to lose old attention. We found that some children weren't attending because they were bored and sick of coming to the same activity! And as leaders of this group we couldn't afford to lose any participants of this group so we did something about it. It's not just Zumba, now it's things such as Musical Chairs, Flat Ball Shoot, Hide & Go Seek, Dodgeball, and many more great idea's that will help keep kids fit, healthy, active, and also energised. A lot of people came, and we even had some student councilors, that came and showed face for a bit!

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Today we started off with Musical Chairs, Leading to Flat Ball Shoot, which is when we evenly divide the children into even groups, and each person will get the chance of shooting the flat ball into the bucket. But anyways from there it went to an outside activity which was lead by Akanesi, and Metui and finishing off with Hide and Go Seek and also a Dance competition.

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The one thing I really enjoyed about this session was that with the new changes and adjustments we made, we were able to draw more attention in attending and in taking part with this new lunchtime activity Free Fun Monday!

Something I hope we can improve on is planning out new ideas. Not only will this prepare us for the long term future in the upcoming terms but it will also help for us to try something new, and identify the changes that need to be made in order for the activity to draw not only more attention, but more positive relationships.

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How else do you think we can get more participants? & Also get other children having fun? Do you have any game or activity suggestions?

Please comment down below for me to view and use in the future!

Many Thanks...


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