Sunday, 2 July 2017

☀️Sunny Side Sunday☀️

IALT: deeply reflect on my Sunday.

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So today in my world it started off with a bit of sunshine, but still cold wind heading in my direction! It was church time but the only thing was we had a new priest and a new family living in the house the church provides for them. With the previous gone not only did he leave behind unforgettable memories, but a bunch of our closest friends. It was hard to say goodbye but life does go on, and so does this reflection so..

It was 9.45AM and we were off. We were 10 minutes early for Sunday school, but after all is was worth it. This whole service went on for up to just an hour. As it was the first Sunday traditionally with my church women, mens, and all sorts of children would stand as others would sing and explain what they want! It starts of with the priest's wife, and another bunch of women, leading of to the younger kids and so on! Then it went to the feast!

When we walked in and it was time for the seating. It was so short and but the food was still so yum! As I sat we prayed and as we prayed I could just feel all the eyes of the people sitting next to me targetting the food they had wanted to grab. It was things from Chocolates, to the traditional Tongan food. It was great turn out, and it was also a great feast which filled me up to the very end.

My next steps art to find more images, that relate to the topic. In order to give my readers and viewers the opportunity to paint a much clearer image in their minds.

The most difficult part in my day was explaining to God what I want from him, or what I want in life. But as I usually say what I have to say and ask of God, depending on what it is, it stays between God and myself.

What are your thoughts on this?

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