Monday, 10 July 2017

❓My Final Thoughts On The Kiwi Road Trip (P2) - Winter Learning Journey ❓

IALT: explain my understanding, and final thoughts on the Kiwi Road Trip.

As you can see below this blog post is a previous blog post on the first part of the task. The first task was about reflecting on my final thoughts on the Winter Learning Journey itself, the second part was making a DLO of a creation on my final thoughts on the Kiwi Road Trip. There are 4 different sections in this DLO, with 4 different answers to 4 different questions/topics. The main questions/topic in this task are...
  • My highlight?!
  • My lowlight..
  • What I learned overall?
  • What surprised me while doing the task?
So I have created a DLO using a Google Drawing Application to successfully list down all these answers and idea's, in an very engaging way.

The importance of this task to me was reflecting on what I learnt! WIthout reflecting and thinking about the new knowledge developed you may just be wasting your time, not paying attention, and therefore not learning anything!

So far I believe without the surrport of my family, friends, and peers from other schools, or areas I wouldn't be able to make it this far with the Winter Learning Journey. I can't wait in completing the next task!

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As I was in the process of accomplishing this task I felt really excited. In reviewing all the previous blog posts, DLO's, and tasks created in relation to this Winter Learning Journey it would help me realise what things I have learnt.

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Thank you abundantly!
- Your Winter Learning Journey Participant Losana,


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